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Recent content by Matoshi

  1. Matoshi

    Super Smash Bros. Main Theme "Lifelight" Cover

    Hi everyone! "Lifelight" is the extremely catchy main theme from the recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game. I couldn't get the melody out of my head for days and decided to record a cover version. :D Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Lifelight Cover Recorded with my Schecter Jeff...
  2. Matoshi

    Doctor Who 13th Doctor Theme

    I think Capaldi is a great actor and could have been a brilliant Doctor, but the show's writers let him down. Even so, I prefer him over Matt Smith. I've definitely got a lot of catching up to do on old Who! I don't even know where to start! :D
  3. Matoshi

    Doctor Who 55 Years Tribute

    Hi all, Friday, 23rd November 2018, was the 55th anniversary of BBC's Doctor Who series. To celebrate the occasion, I recorded a tribute video, arranging a few of my favourite themes from the show into a medley that's centered around this year's 13th Doctor theme music. And, of course I had to...
  4. Matoshi

    Doctor Who 13th Doctor Theme

    Wow, 40 years, a true Whovian!! I only started watching the show when the "new Who" began in 2005. I just watched the brand new episode four of the new season. I like the new Doctor and overall direction the show is taking. I wasn't a fan at all of the Moffat years. This new approach isn't...
  5. Matoshi

    Doctor Who 13th Doctor Theme

    Hi all, any Doctor Who fans here? Series 11 just started and it looks like it might finally be a return to "good old" (Eccleston/Tennant era) Doctor Who! After 10 seasons with Murray Gold at the musical helm, the show now got a new composer, too: Segun Akinola, who knocked the ball out of the...
  6. Matoshi

    Need to Bitch! Axe-Fx all the way!

    Yeah seriously, I only started using Sibelius 7.5 a few months ago, and I get it to do what I want, but never before has a top-of-the-line software left such a poor impression on me. I can't believe how crappy it is for the price. :lol
  7. Matoshi

    Recommendation an electric guitar string brand for recording a Prog/Metal Album ?

    No, no idea about the differences, but I do wonder. I checked yesterday and couldn't find the polywebs in my preferred string gauge, so I ordered a few more nanowebs instead.
  8. Matoshi

    Recommendation an electric guitar string brand for recording a Prog/Metal Album ?

    I didn't like the EB Cobalts, either. Tried the Elixir nanowebs and just love how they feel, although it took me a few hours of playing until they stopped being too slippery. I've had them on the guitar for about a month now and they still feel like new, minus the slippery bit ;)
  9. Matoshi

    Dieter starts his very own Axe FX powered solo project

    Nice atmosphere! :encouragement:
  10. Matoshi

    Feedback When Recording

    I heard a rumour that the dude from the video even posts on this board! ;)
  11. Matoshi

    Cracking The Code? Picking Series

    I've been following this series and totally recommend watching it! Great production and very entertaining! :encouragement:
  12. Matoshi

    (VIDEO) - playthru for my song "ATLAS" - instrumental prog

    Cool video and great playing! :encouragement:
  13. Matoshi

    Ownhammer High Gain Essentials - Mesa - Chinese V30 - Dirty Riff Test - Fas Modern

    D'oh! I actually re-read the whole thread before posting that question to make sure I did not miss it.. :lol
  14. Matoshi

    Ownhammer High Gain Essentials - Mesa - Chinese V30 - Dirty Riff Test - Fas Modern

    Fantastic sound bro! What amp is that? :)
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