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Recent content by martijne

  1. martijne

    Wish Axe-Fx III to generate MIDI Clock

    I get your point, man. But then we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope it gets implemented.
  2. martijne

    Wish Axe-Fx III to generate MIDI Clock

    I guess it would needs to send regular FC bytes at 24 ppqn (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIDI_beat_clock). It has been requested before but it is not yet implemented. Related posts and workarounds: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/midi-clock-out.144939/#post-1805681...
  3. martijne

    Wish Scene MIDI block to send start, stop and continue command

    My use case is to connect a hardware groovebox to my III. III midi out to groovebox midi in and vv. groovebox audio out to some III in. The groovebox will send midiclock when playing for the axe to sync to. Now if the scene midi block could send MIDI start, stop and continue command FA FB...
  4. martijne

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

  5. martijne

    Preset Management and Organization

    Awesome idea. Gonna do that to.
  6. martijne

    USB Audio Center

    On mac the aggregate device works great. But aren’t there windows alternatives? Loopback? Asio4all?
  7. martijne

    USB Audio Center

    You can directly record both wet and dry signals from the III usb interface. No need for an external one.
  8. martijne

    USB Audio Center

    On a Mac you can set up a so called aggregate audio device, coupling two or more hardware devices into one big virtual device with all ins and outs. I use it with my III and and a small A&H mixer. The mixer supplies phantom power to a condenser mic. works like a charm with Cubase on a Mac.
  9. martijne

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    So the mods can safely close this thread.
  10. martijne

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    Aren’t we being trollbaited?
  11. martijne

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    European VAT.. adds 20% or so. It’s included in EU prices. In the US people add sale tax to the $1,999 iirc. Less than in Europe but still. Explains quite a bit of price differences between EU and US. You cannot blame G66 for VAT.
  12. martijne

    Anyone using a wireless guitar setup with the Axe-Fx III?

    A simple AKG product, does the job perfectly without any issues.
  13. martijne

    How do I add a Roland synth effect?

    True but one synth has three voices and can play a chord. Fremen, Simeon and others made patches with each scene holding a different chords.
  14. martijne

    Has the Axe changed your tonal palette?

    Oh for sure. Back in those days I used to play over a Boss ME30 multi effect on a crappy Marshall MG solid state amp. No creamy AC15 edge of break up. No extra chime when adding the sdd overdrive. No swirly memory man modulated delay. No punk rocking keraaaang of the Brit 800. No deep cloud and...
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