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Recent content by martijne

  1. martijne

    SOLD Complete Axe-Fx III rig: FC6, wireless, Gator case EU/NL €2.500

    Up, €2.500 or your best offer!
  2. martijne

    Cab lab and AX8 question

    So I‘m looking at Cab Lab to use with my AX8. But I’m not sure I understand exactly how this would work. I can mix several IR’s and send the result directly to a scratch pad or user Cab and save them in the Ax8. but for live mode, I must use a 3rd audio interface and then? Use the FXL block in...
  3. martijne

    SOLD Complete Axe-Fx III rig: FC6, wireless, Gator case EU/NL €2.500

    C’mon guys & gals.. €2.750 it is now..
  4. martijne

    SOLD Complete Axe-Fx III rig: FC6, wireless, Gator case EU/NL €2.500

    For sale is my Axe-FX III rig: An Axe FX-III, purchased from G66 in August 2018, an FC6, also from G66 (April 2019) plus an AKG pro PT40 wireless guitar system. Mounted in a solid Gator 4U rack case with a power socket. All in great (near mint) shape, first owner, smoke free studio, very few...
  5. martijne

    Using External Switch to Switch Between Scene 1 and 2

    Do you want to make the Axe switch channels on a real amp? I don't think it does that. it does not have relays. The FX8 does. You can however make a preset with different XY settings in the amp block in different scenes and use a pedal to switch between scenes. But there is no real amp...
  6. martijne

    SOLD SOLD: FX8 mkI for €675 [EU/NL]

    Bump! Still an amazing FX processor, has relays for amp channel switching. C'mon guys make me a nice offer!
  7. martijne

    FS Wood veneer for Ax8...

    too bad I’m in Europe.
  8. martijne

    Using an Axe-Fx III with my Fender Twin for effects?

    If you want multiple high quality effects, get an FX8! Designed to work with great tube amps. You can leave it connected to the Twin and use your III for recording/studio work..Some are available in the For Sale section 😊.
  9. martijne

    FS Wood veneer for Ax8...

    Shipping to where?
  10. martijne

    FS RAC12 For Sale

    Awesome with an Axe-FXII!
  11. martijne

    AX8 Midi & startup issue

    Hello, have you experienced this? Starting up the AX8 with a midi cable (on midi in) to an other device (MC707 here) makes it hang during startup sequence. With the cable disconnected from the other device it boots normally. Easy enough to work around, but I was wondering if this is normal...
  12. martijne

    SOLD SOLD: FX8 mkI for €675 [EU/NL]

    Bump and price drop!
  13. martijne

    SOLD SOLD: FX8 mkI for €675 [EU/NL]

    Up! And maybe I will consider trades with proper FRFR gear (altough I already have a Matrix Q12a)
  14. martijne

    SOLD SOLD: FX8 mkI for €675 [EU/NL]

    Your best offer is welcome of course!
  15. martijne

    FS AX8 for sale (uk) - £775 - SOLD

    Very happy. Great seller, kudos to you Bob!
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