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Recent content by markmusicman

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    A bit stumped by Ares on Axe-Fx II XL ...

    I also found the Ares a bit muddy on the bass strings so I also switched back. No Worries I love ,my Axe FX just couldn't find the right settings with Ares.
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    Routing Scarlett 2i2 with Axe-Fx II into PC

    Here is an email directly from Focusrite support on this subject. Jay Lilley24 May 2018 08:17 Hello Mark, Thank you for getting back to me. This depends entirely on how you have this set up, but if you are monitoring the inputs directly from headphones/speakers using direct monitor on the 2i2...
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    Flatlands Live!

    I love this tune also and really love the guitar solo on this Live version.
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    Flatlands Live!

    I have been Transcribing the guitar part for the following version of Flatlands, if anyone is interested I will share the file when I'm done. It is a guitar Pro 7 file, let me know if you would like a copy Ill be done with it very soon. Here is the video of the version. Markmusicman
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    Comfortably Numb Solo

    Thanks for listening, Basically I am using the Princeton reverb amp, along with Ownhammer DZL V30, I also love the Ownhammer V30 Chinese. I use both of them and just love them.
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    Hotel California solo cover!

    Well I uploaded it to Vimeo , lets see what happens there!
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    Loving the JCM800 model

    Nice bright Tone, Love it!
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    Friedman Test Tone

    Sounds awesome to me!
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    Comfortably Numb Solo

    I did this one using the Fender Princeton amp as usual, I love that amp! I hope they do not block this one as well! Thanks for listening.
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    Hotel California solo cover!

    Youtube took my video down!
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    Hotel California solo cover!

    Here is a version I did of Hotel California solo, All the solos I have posted on this forum I have done using the Princeton Reverb amp! I love that amp! I also have a certain cab IR I have been using for years and it's my favorite, If you like the tone I might just give it up. Thanks for...
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    Free Bird solo

    Thanks so much for the compliment!
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