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Recent content by mallb

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    Recommendation for best XLR cables

    I use Canare Quad L-4E6S cables. I recommend Pro Audio LA and BTPA to build custom cables.
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    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    I don’t like the plastic recessed panel. A one piece brushed metal front panel would be killer. And i prefer the gloss black look of the I/O monitoring lights background on the XL+.
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    Axe FX II XL+ support

    I think the official answer will be a new FW update soon.
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    FAS 2018!!!

    I’d like to see a FAS SDK to allow 3rd party amp models and effects blocks.
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    Can't Get Tuner to Work on Axe-Edit (solved)

    I have the same problem with Axe Edit 3.10 and Q6.01 FW on Windows 7. Axe Edit activates the tuner but display monitoring doesnt work.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    I finally got my new Axe Fx two weeks ago. I'm loving it. Thanks for the FW updates!
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