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Recent content by macegtr

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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    I also use those JMP1 Preamp-models. There is clearly more gain now available in v14 and might be related to that, the bass department feels fuller.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta 1

    Null cabinet does not have those impedance resonance peaks found from real speaker/cab impedance curves. Real tube power amps and the great modelling in AxeFX will excite more power from power amp because of resonant peaks and this will be heard as a louder sound.
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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Absolutely great support from Cliff, Ares sounds and feels awesome in Axe FX II :smiley:
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    Wah for clean funky stuff, couldn't figure it out.

    As my scandinavian neighbourhood from the Sweden said :) Of course you need to be careful with the compressor so late on the signal chain, basically you just just want to limit the peaks out and not to destroy the dynamics.
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    Wah for clean funky stuff, couldn't figure it out.

    Especially for the clean wah stuff Axe-Fx offers great routing possibilities. When wah block is located ín front of amp (the usual and common procedure) you are easily getting unwanted grit from the preamp section. This problem can easily be tackled by locating the wah block AFTER amp block...
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    problems with factory presets

    Although it is quite obvious that certain users have real problems with updating the v.10 factory preset, there is clearly also some "placebo" -effect involved. This particular Badger-preset (modeled with the full power scaling?) seems to bit quite sensitive one for the guitar used and even for...
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    problems with factory presets

    Well, to me it sounds as bad as yours, unplayable by default for my guitar at least. So you are saying that your default Badger preset sounds OK after cleaning, reinstalling the firmware and loading the factory presets. Weird...
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    problems with factory presets

    My thoughts also, this is exactly happening here. Just to demonstrate this particular case I have also attached couple of samples, first one is the untouched preset (behaving pretty much the same as in the OP's case), the second one is a tweaked one for a SRV vibe :)
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    Do you prefer stomb box or patch switching approach live?

    Exactly the same approach used here also :)
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    does it seem like some amps got alot less attention?

    Thanks Scott :) Easy to agree with your comment. Already in it's basic form, the electric guitar tone has so many variables involved. With Axe FX II the amount of variables is multiplied even more, which can feel almost overwhelming. I'd like to see that as an opportunity :)
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    does it seem like some amps got alot less attention?

    About the Carvin Legacy -model in Axe. Never owned or played one but I think that the current implementation in Axe-FX II is awesome. This model is really tight and articulate and as many here has already noted, the tonestack/EQ is very effective. Cliff has couple times mentioned about the James...
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    One clarification regarding the amp settings. In the original preset, Niklas had the poweramp sim switched off to simulate the Lukather's rig at that time (he used a solid state amp with the x99). In my modified preset I have taken the freedom to put in on :) But feel free to compare the...
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    Got a chance to open my computer :) Here is the tweaked preset of Niklas and the IR-capture of Mesa Thiele, hopefully it behaves well for others too.
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    Thuderstone - Virus Guitar Solo - FAS Lead 2

    Great playing! Coming from Finland this is a familiar song/band to me, I think you pretty much nailed the playing and tone of Nino Laurenne.
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    Thanks guys :) Yep, directly into computer and Sonar X1, the backing track was found from Youtube. Unfortunately I have no access into my computer and AXE-FX II for a couple of days but I will share the preset as soon as possible. Regarding the tweaking, I think effect wise the Soldano...
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