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Recent content by m lebofsky

  1. m lebofsky

    Anyone only use one IR?

    Me too. Do you guys use any hi-cut / low-cut? If so , what values work for you in general?
  2. m lebofsky

    Amp in the Room?

    My comment has nothing to do with gain enhancer
  3. m lebofsky

    Most "in the room" FRFR solution

    Or Xitone solutions
  4. m lebofsky

    Most "in the room" FRFR solution

    Don't use an IR with your FRFR .... A filter to roll of the highs and some eqing to mimic a cab and your done....
  5. m lebofsky

    Amp in the Room?

    Yes. I do not disagree with anything you said, but I was wondering what Cliff's thoughts are 2 years later.
  6. m lebofsky

    Amp in the Room?

    Cliff, After two years and multiple major updates, would you have any suggestions/changes to your original post?
  7. m lebofsky

    Sad news

  8. m lebofsky

    FS Axe III, FC12, Mission Engineering pedal, cases, cables.

    1) Fractal AXE III in Gator 3u soft case New: $2100 + $130 2) FC-12. New: $700 3) Mission Engineering expression pedal New: $150 4) Soft case for FC-12 and pedal New: $100 5) XLR cables for all the above (2 long for PA, 1 shorter for FC12) New: $75 Total New: $3,255 $2,600 plus shipping All...
  9. m lebofsky

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    Anyone waiting live near Denver, CO?
  10. m lebofsky

    Celestion F12-X200 floor wedge designs

    2 active Xitone wedges that I love.
  11. m lebofsky

    Plexi 50W 6CA7: Killer factory cabs

    Does the bright switch have different hi freq boost curves for each modeled amp? Wonder what it is for this amp model?
  12. m lebofsky

    Plexi 50W 6CA7: Killer factory cabs

    I assume you have the ideal bright switch on?
  13. m lebofsky

    New USB driver for Windows

    Yes. Windows gave me a message to unplug my USB device and replug it in to complete the process.
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