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Recent content by luke

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    Expression Pedal

    See this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/change-scene-by-turning-on-wah.161794/page-3#post-1940989
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    Expression Pedal

    I use the Mission pedals with a switch and then replace that switch with a momentary variety for maximum flexibility.
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    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    Thread is from January 4th 2019 people, why someone bumped it is unknown.
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    Anyone want Improvements in Axe-Fx User Interface?

    While the specs on super cars are impressive, no one would pay those prices if they were not also visually alluring.
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    Processing 2 guitars simultaneously

    Then end up at whatever output you have at the end of their signal chain.
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    Please validate this complex routing setup

    You won’t want use that Line 6 stuff once your hear the III. It would be like putting spinners on a Ferrari.
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    Processing 2 guitars simultaneously

    The prime example of this is when you have a guitar with a separate piezo output, I run both simultaneously as piezo alone sounds sterile to me.
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    Should I buy an FC-6 or an FC-12

    Better to have excess capacity than be restrained. If the $200 is the issue, this might not be the right hobby.
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    Wish Add more scenes

    Sharpen ur glasses.
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    Wish Add more scenes

    Anyway to go to ten or twelve?
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    One FC switch to turn a block on, then change its channels

    With only 8 scenes I can’t find use for the 12 I’ve got. Now increase us to more scenes and we can talk.
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    Hating on Fractal fans is becoming the new Nickelback. BTW, if you think that’s noisy, crank a 100 watt amp and listen to it hum.
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    Ever go sans cab block?

    Just try it, guitar, amp, reverb nothing else. Choose the “cab” on the amp’s speaker page and give it a listen. It can sound very “amp in the room” raw. It gets interesting at 100%+.
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    Ever go sans cab block?

    I was checking out the speaker page and trying out the cabinets there and skipping adding a cab block. Anyone else going this route?
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