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Recent content by lucbl3

  1. lucbl3

    Power Amp Suggestions

    I use an ART SLA-2 with my AxeFx II XL. For me it has a great sound
  2. lucbl3

    Can anyone help me replicate this tone on an Axe FX

    He is just trolling guys. In his sad life, he has enough time to do this. Well, whatever....
  3. lucbl3

    Can anyone help me replicate this tone on an Axe FX

    People, this guy is a troll. Stop feeding him. He asked for the tone from 0:00 to 0:06. It's silence!! The song only starts after that. @Admin M@, please close this thread!
  4. lucbl3

    FAS Amps, Is it Just Me?

    Have you seen the latest Larry Mitchel video?
  5. lucbl3

    Merry 2016 Christmas (Nuclear Tone)

    Merry Christmas to everyone in this forum, specially to @FractalAudio who made this God-like rack that the AxeFx II is :D Here's my version of "Holy Night" with a short message in the ending (Merry Christmas, in Portuguese). I'll be uploading the Preset-Cab Bundle, if anyone is interested.
  6. lucbl3

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Public Beta

    Thanks Cliff. I thought so! When playing alive, though, I use both Guitar Cab and FRFR. Any chances of moving the Speaker Driver to the Cab Block? Or make a copy to have on them both? Idk
  7. lucbl3

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Public Beta

    I'm using a poweramp (ART SLA-2) with a 2x12 guitar cab. Should i use this new Speaker Drive? Or let it for just when i'm on FRFR?
  8. lucbl3

    Add FX Loop In All The Presets

    Hello, i'm curious to know if there's a way to add a FX Loop, before the CAB on every preset? I use it to hook up to an ART SLA-2. Thanks in advance!
  9. lucbl3

    Raw amp sounds - anyone know how to get them?

    Maybe something related to Master Volume? Sometimes we forget and Increase the master volume to maximum, since the output volume can be lowered. Master volume at high settings can smooth things out. IMHO
  10. lucbl3

    It's been an interesting run

    Why watch soap operas when we have this place?
  11. lucbl3

    Any Eminence CV-75 IRs out there?

    Thanks for the tips guys. I think I'll rent a room on a recording studio for a couple hours and shoot some IRs. I'll share them with the community as soon as I do this!
  12. lucbl3

    Any Eminence CV-75 IRs out there?

  13. lucbl3

    Laney Lionheart

    Who better than Lionheart to answer this! (pun intended)
  14. lucbl3

    Can the Axe Fx emulate the in the room "thump"?

    Exactly how others said: - Null mic model, bump proximity - Turn the exciter up on preamp, in cab block - Adjust Reverb to sound similar But also I've found out that adjusting the Low Frequency resonance on speaker tab to match the IR you're using, and bumping Speaker Drive around 50% can...
  15. lucbl3

    Earbuds w/ Axe-Fx?

    Brazilian guy here and actually ashamed by not knowing the difference between earbuds and headphones haha But I do use an AKG K66
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