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Recent content by LucasLeCompte

  1. LucasLeCompte

    My 2 Cents: Why Some People think Axe-Fx Doesn't Sound Great

    Dont do stuff like this. This is exactly what Glenn wants. He wants interaction on his videos which drives views which drives the algorithm. Its sad yes, but that is the state of youtube and guitar youtube in general. If you dont like someone on youtube, just ignore them.
  2. LucasLeCompte

    Well I laughed....

    I own the Harley Benton Molder. I need to do a video VS the Axe fx. Now while it is good for $300 It kinda is no where near what the axe 3 can do. It lacks a lot in the IR department for sure.
  3. LucasLeCompte

    IV anywhere on the horizon?

    If you buy IV axe fx IIIs then you will technically have the Axe Fx III (IV)
  4. LucasLeCompte

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.00 Public Beta (Beta 4)

    So Dynamic Distortion works sorta like a saturator would in a DAW? So on bass for example you could give it more grind and or high end? Does it work in reverse where you can pull certain frequencies down? eg If I want to tame the high end in a high gain patch for example, I could set it to...
  5. LucasLeCompte

    Fractal Audio X-Load & Suhr Reactive Load Comparison

    Yes you should be able too. A lot of people say the two note sounds bad because of the curve they use ( they use a combination of curves) but I a captor inside my Revv 100R Mkiii and a normal captor and they are fine.
  6. LucasLeCompte

    So... what will be in firmware 19.06?

    If you watch the video, you have to download the IR from axechange. Bundling them together didnt work for me so I uploaded them separately. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?cab=707
  7. LucasLeCompte

    So... what will be in firmware 19.06?

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I own a 100R Mark III Revv and I cant wait to have it in the axe!
  8. LucasLeCompte

    Did A Shootout between the Fishman Tosin and Merrow 7 string pickups. Used The Axe for most of it.

    Put the two fishman 7 string sets against each other. Put them in a mix, out the mix, did cleans and leads. Figured I would share it here if anyone is looking how the axe handles 7 strings.
  9. LucasLeCompte

    Signal strength of non-Axe FX DI tracks?

    You want a low signal on your DIs so that way it doesnt clip when recording. You can always clip gain your reamped track up to level. You DI could have a little more signal but it honestly isnt needed.
  10. LucasLeCompte

    Amps of the Axe-Fx III

    Mesa Lone Star is such a great amp! Sparkling cleans, great lead channel and super great tone!
  11. LucasLeCompte

    Did a Full Periphery New Groove Cover (Bass and Guitar) with my Drummer Friend!

    Covered New Groove with my friend Cameron! Used the DI right out of the Axe FX III For the Bass! Used my tone matched Periphery 1 patch for guitar! Tonematch on Axe change: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8888
  12. LucasLeCompte

    Amps of the Axe-Fx III

    The Ampeg VST is a great bass amp and we have two in the axe fx! I find SV Bass 1 is great for classic stuff like SV Bass 2 is great for more grindy bass tones!
  13. LucasLeCompte

    About that Blackglass B7K Model

    Darkglass is NDSP
  14. LucasLeCompte

    What's the difference between the Brit Pre and the JMPre-1 OD-1

    When they were modelled. Brit Pre was first time the JMP was modelled and was left in because Artist really liked the tones they were getting with it.
  15. LucasLeCompte

    Does a USB cable affect the tone?

    Does the USB type the data goes over (2, 3, 3.1, C) effect tone????
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