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Recent content by lqdsnddist

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    Why not put the Cab block at the end?

    Depends on the live rig though doesn’t it ? Lots of digital boards have some decent effects then days, not to mention lots of people still run some outboard stuff in aux sends or on its own effects bus.... If your “live” it just an amp on stage, then yeah, before or in the loop if it has one...
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    Packed ports and empty shelves: Inside the issues behind the U.S. supply chain crisis

    And that is fine for some people but it also doesn’t mean it should be expected to be the norm everyone is expected to live by. Tom Brady seems to enjoy his wellness routine and all, more power to him, but I certainly don’t want to eat like that lol. The Rock enjoys hours in the gym and more...
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    DIY Bass Traps? Yes or no?

    I’ve done some and they seemed to improve the room a good bit. Nothing fancy, wood frame, sheets of rock wool (most expensive part really) and fabric covering. Built in a wedge shape to go into corners of the room. No fancy measurements or acoustical design, just something to minimize the...
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    Wish Photos of the Amps and pedals in the edit program

    One can never discount the association between visual perception and “sound quality”. We’ve all seen people take a generic pedal circuit, throw it into a stylish enclosure and charge $400 for it and people will claim it’s the best sounding OD pedal they ever played, even though the $30 Chinese...
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    Wish Photos of the Amps and pedals in the edit program

    I think that goes totally against the “use your ears, not your eyes” approach of dialing in a tone...... Not to say there is anything wrong with the request, but I think it’s just going against the core philosophy of Fractal. A phaser that sounds good is good, doesn’t matter if it’s got a...
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    The Smashing Pumpkins

    Smashing Pumpkins don’t even sound like the classic album tones live because that wall of fuzz is the epitome of a processed studio sound. Plenty of ways to get in the ballpark, but nothing is going to sound like the countless layers of guitar upon guitar you hear in the album
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    Soundcraft is hiding a design flaw in Signature MTK22 mixer

    Not like modern Mackie et al aren’t these days ?
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    Anybody else not having much success with factory presets?

    If it’s very capable as you state, and you have experience with tons of different gear over the years, why not make and share something for those who are looking for the different amp in the room sound since the Hundreds of presents oddly don’t offer this ? Lots of factory presents have...
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    Anybody else not having much success with factory presets?

    Back when I was a concert photographer full time (way before the smart phone era) I often went to a lot of sound checks and got pics of drum kits for drum magazines and things of that nature. I also got to play through the rigs of a few guitarist who I really idolized and I sure didn’t sound...
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    Anybody else not having much success with factory presets?

    I don’t know guys ..... I see guys like Cooper Carter, Mark Day, Leon Todd, Larry Mitchell etc sound pretty awesome without fail going through a bunch of stock presets..... Those guys are all super talented guitar players of course. I’m not saying anyone else isn’t talented, but I think when...
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    New firmware?

    I’d say if the fm3 can get something then the fm9 should typically be able to as well, but a III is not exactly a 9, just like how the 3 is not a 9. FAS seems to try really hard to provide as much as they can and don’t hold back stuff for marketing just to sell a higher priced unit which is...
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    Would an FC-12 in this form factor ever become reality?

    I would say it’s rather doubtful as they current form factor of the fc6, fc12, fm3 and fm9 all share a similar chassis design, which no doubt helps with keeping costs down. Making a new form factor would have new costs associated with tooling et al, not to mention current electronics boards...
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    Wish The ugliest and filthiest and nastiest sounding fuzzes known to man

    Half (or more) of the coolness of the Gamechanger plasma pedal/plasma pedal is seeing the “lightening” in the tube so that part would be hard to model lol
  14. L

    Aurora borealis could be visible in wide swaths of continental US, Europe on Saturday because of large solar flare

    Outlook not good for Florida but always a nice head up for folks up further North
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    New reverb, delays modeled or presets?

    I was curious about the same thing, if delay Xyz is a unique model or if it’s just taking delay ABC and setting the parameters to a certain value they sounds characteristic of XYZ? I know with the amp models it’s not just the same underlying model with like a different bass, mid, treble setting...
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