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Recent content by louyseiz

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    USB A Port Future Expansion

    Wireless capabilities would be amazing. My wife doesn't like all those cables hanging around everywhere :)
  2. L

    Eric Johnson Sound

    Freakin' impressive. You might just convince me to get an AXE3 :o
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    Headrush Pedal board. Eleven modeling

    Got some interest on this based on the looks. Reviews seem meh on the sound, which makes me sad. Any idea on the upgrade program on this guy?
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    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    I've got Android credit on the Play store (~$30). How can I buy the soft from you with that money? :)
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    Pitch shifting - lower tuning patches?

    Thank you. Need to try that on my AX8
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    Pitch shifting - lower tuning patches?

    Hi -has anyone put together a nice patch with an Eb (-1/2) or D (-1 tone) tuning? I used to use a Pitchfork but got rid of it, and it would be convenient to reproduce some of those tunings in a clean and a dirty patch. Cheers
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    Backpack for the AX8?

    Mono backpack seems unavailable everywhere. Isn't it too big? Any other ideas? Thanks a lot guys
  8. L

    Backpack for the AX8?

    Hi all, I've got a Gator bag for my AX8, but a backpack would be easier for me to carry it around. Any recommendations? Ideally, I need to put in: - AX8 - Power adapter - Couple of cables - 1 Expression pedal Thanks!
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    Let's Talk Cover Band Setups!

    I like this thread ^^ Are you guys sharing your presets too? :)
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    [Video] Fractal AX8 Looper Jam [1:08]

    Life in Chicago looks pretty sweet :D
  11. L

    Great turn of events :)

    As long as you keep your presets, you're fine. They sell pretty much for the same price as new, so you're not losing money. Once you win the Powerball, you can buy one back :o
  12. L

    A little scared..

    And here it went, a few samples:
  13. L

    A little scared..

    Thanks guys -it went really well with some tweaking of Skyhighrocks' presets!! :)
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    A little scared..

    Great, thanks, definitely taking a look at it!
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