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Recent content by LoPaN

  1. LoPaN

    New pedal for next FW...

    I'm reallt gassing for one of those pedals lol
  2. LoPaN


    The amount of Wah pedals alone that Kirk goes through will be enough income to keep Fractal going for years lol Love me some Kirk though :)
  3. LoPaN

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    The Super OD is fantastic with a crunchy Marshall tone.
  4. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.04

    I'm guessing he says "YEAH"
  5. LoPaN

    2x12 cab question

    Well I did a quick test on my lunch break today and setting the AxeFx to sum L+R and the matrix poweramp to mono plus the cab switch set to mono was way better, much tighter sound, in stereo it was very congested especially in the low end. Come to think of it there’s no benefit to tuning a 2x12...
  6. LoPaN

    2x12 cab question

    I’ve been running two Xitone FrFr wedges in stereo for a long time now powered by a Matrix GT1000 power amp. I recently acquired a Randall 2x12 V30 loaded guitar cab, the cab can be run in stereo or mono. Is it even worth running it in stereo? Or is mono better suited?
  7. LoPaN

    Wish Arcade Mode Graphics for Axe Edit 3!

    All it does is suck CPU time from somewhere, I agree it looks pretty but it just bloats the software and interface.
  8. LoPaN

    Axe FX sounds better after a few minutes?

    Could be your amps warming up for your cabs/monitors etc other than that it’s just yours ears adjusting. EDIT: oh see i see you are using headphones then it’s definitely just your ears adjusting.
  9. LoPaN

    Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger Cover

    Man I havent listened to Oasis in years, takes me back to being out clubbing back in the UK as a young rebel lol great job!
  10. LoPaN

    Cygnus USA 2C++ / Preset included

    I have one on order too :)
  11. LoPaN

    Tell me about cool Hot Rodded Marshall style amps like the Friedman

    Splawn when pushed with the Super OD is a monster.
  12. LoPaN

    Virtual capo

    Thanks!! I'd say for my use then as a simple down tune device before the amp will be just fine. I remember trying this on my Axfx2 and never got good results, the AxFx3 though does a pretty good job.
  13. LoPaN

    Virtual capo

    I gave the virtual capo a try today to downtune to D I mainly play in E standard. I put the pitch block first in the chain does it matter if it's first or could it even go after amp/cab? Thanks Alan.
  14. LoPaN

    My Dream USA ESP

    Yeah it really is a joy to play, never purchased a high end expensive guitar before now and probably never will again but I had to do it once in my lifetime :)
  15. LoPaN

    My Dream USA ESP

    So just before I purchased my AxeFx3 I got this dream guitar, its a USA ESP Horizon in Lynch burst, never played a guitar that has such perfect fit and finish. The neck is so comfortable and the fret work is outstanding. This is one of those guitars I know I will never sell its a lifer :)
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