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Recent content by Loopback777

  1. Loopback777

    Help!!Why all the wahs sound 'gain boosted' by default in FW10.10?

    Ahhhh, yeah. Uh huh. Thas right. You know it, baby.
  2. Loopback777

    Help!!Why all the wahs sound 'gain boosted' by default in FW10.10?

    For what it's worth I just recorded 10 or 15 seconds of a preset using wah on 10.09, then I upgraded to 10.10 and recorded a few more seconds on the same preset. The amp is Herbie Ch2, the wah block is before the amp. Interestingly (based on what others have written) the damp settings...
  3. Loopback777

    FW10 has really F-d UP my Mesa Patches :( ... lot's of work or back to V6???

    If you have an old sound that you loved and have recorded, tone match it. I have and it work beautifully.
  4. Loopback777

    Played my Axe-Fx II for the first time today...feel a bit let down

    It can sound good through just about anything, as a few have mentioned. From version 9.xx to 10.xx there was a major change, and in my opinion, the AEII became much more complex to program for good results - but with much higher potential for the end results. I've never used any of the...
  5. Loopback777

    Should I wait...?

    I never owned a Standard, but I owned an Ultra. I sold it with no trouble when the II came out. If you do buy the II and the III comes out, you won't lose your total investment. You'll have your use + your knowledge of the 'platform' + the money you'll recap from the sale of the II. Either...
  6. Loopback777

    Yahtzee! Tone matching defintely works in 10.05

    Yes. And the same tone works throughout the whole song (I don't think he changes much while playing). Beside it being right there, I was really happy with the process. I spent about 3 minutes setting up amp, cab and rev and 45 seconds tone matching to get it. Apparently the recording does a...
  7. Loopback777

    Acoustic Holy Sh*tballs!!

    I have an 814ce with the expression system. I've never had any hum out of it.
  8. Loopback777

    Yahtzee! Tone matching defintely works in 10.05

    Should be good now, Scott. I hadn't saved it on SoundCloud before I posted. How do I embed right in the post?
  9. Loopback777

    Yahtzee! Tone matching defintely works in 10.05

    I've had success with this before, but not to this degree. Just tried it on 10.02. Not so good (as to be expected - I know). Updated to 10.05 and tried it. If I had a clue and the inclination to figure out soundcloud I'd record and play the two tones - it's a sweet Black Crowes sound (twice...
  10. Loopback777

    Tips for Hi-Gain Lead Tones?

    Drop the triode hardness to 0.
  11. Loopback777

    Best Wah pedal for Axe...

    I use the FV500's as well.
  12. Loopback777

    Best Wah pedal for Axe...

    I use autoengage a lot (although, not with a spring loaded expression pedal - I like the option of being able to use the pedal for other things beside wah). It engages immediately. You set the amount of time (and the position eg., heel down, toe up and % near those positions) in which it...
  13. Loopback777

    2 brand new BOSS FV expr pedals

    I've been using two of them for the past two years with no problems. I recommend them. (I've tried others.) BTW - I use them with the MFC and they are set up to be different things on different presets (not locked to one function each). Sometimes they are wah or volume or control delay or...
  14. Loopback777

    Best Wah pedal for Axe...

    I've owned 3 of the ME pedals. Two of them broke down on me. I tried two Boss pedals and haven't had any trouble. Not knocking ME, just giving another option.
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