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Recent content by loconnor

  1. loconnor

    Misha's Presets for his Songwriting Masterclass.

    From memory, they were both Mikko's. At least once he started with the more gainy stuff. I believe they were 'Bulb SM57 A1' and 'USA Djent SM57 A1' from Mikko's Bulb and USA Djent cab packs respectively.
  2. loconnor

    Studio Update #1 (recording with the AxeFxIII)

    Sounds awesome. Can't wait to hear it!
  3. loconnor

    Axe fx II interface

    An interface is definitely the more flexible option. But, if all you're concerned about right now is jamming along to youtube, just use your Axe as the interface and adjust the level of youtube with the USB return level parameter in the IO menu.
  4. loconnor

    Black Hole Sun Cover

    Wow... That was fantastic!
  5. loconnor

    Thunderbolt Interface?

    I use a mac but have been using the Clarett 8Pre, reamping via SPDIF, for almost a year now with no trouble whatsoever.
  6. loconnor

    Bass preset for metal?

    I'd check this cabpack out if I were you: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cab-pack-ml-usa-bass-based-on-mesa-powerhouse-ph1000.117954/ I struggled getting a good bass tone for a while and the this pack made a great starting point!
  7. loconnor

    Cab Pack: ML USA Bass based on Mesa PowerHouse PH1000

    Thanks Guys! Updating Axe-Edit has done the trick :) Awesome work Mikko, I've been struggling to dial in a good bass tone for a while now but playing around with these cabs/presets makes it effortless. That metal preset sounds like it was made for me! Fantastic stuff. Lewis
  8. loconnor

    Cab Pack: ML USA Bass based on Mesa PowerHouse PH1000

    Yeah, I don't use Axe-Edit very often but I think I'm doing it correctly. Click the 'Import' button then select any of the files in the Axe-Fx Preset-Cab Bundles. I've attached a couple of screenshots of this process.
  9. loconnor

    Cab Pack: ML USA Bass based on Mesa PowerHouse PH1000

    Hey Guys! I'm having trouble importing the preset-cab bundles in Axe-Edit. I just get "Unable to import. The selected file is not a valid preset." Anyone have any suggestions? Oh, btw... I have an AxeFx 2 Mark 2 and am running Axe-Edit 3.0.4 Lewis
  10. loconnor

    Self Rebooting AXE FX II

    I've experienced this twice now, without using Axe-Edit. Not sure if it's limited to the compressor block but editing that is what caused it for me. Specifically... adding a second compressor block, changing the type to 'dynamics' then attempting to either change the type again or disable the...
  11. loconnor

    drive block

    Try sticking a gate as the first block in your chain. Kills the squeal for me every time.
  12. loconnor

    Trouble recording :S

    Hey, you'll probably need to check that your axe2 is selected as your audio device in cubase. If you cant see your axe as an option you may need to install the latest drivers first - I had to do this with reaper. You can find the download here: Fractal Audio Systems - Support Lewis
  13. loconnor

    Scroll wheel problem

    Cheers man!
  14. loconnor

    Scroll wheel problem

    Hi Guys, The scroll wheel on my standard is no longer accurate. It was tolerable for a while but now it takes that long to scroll through to a value that i forget what i was trying to do. I assume the standards/ultras will eventually get this problem over time, but can anyone advise me on...
  15. loconnor

    Help with Reamping

    Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for your help. Lewis
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