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Recent content by Lightningboy

  1. Lightningboy

    Help using FM3 with Matrix Power Amp

    You can run from Output 2 on the FM3. These are 1/4" sockets. You will need to set Output 2 to echo Output 1 (in the I/O menu) and also set the Copy L>R so you get a mono signal. As mentioned set the output to +4db as it gives the amp a stronger signal to work with. -10db will be too quiet. Set...
  2. Lightningboy

    AFX3.. yeh or ney

    Hey Paul, nice to see you back on here. So much like when the standard and Ultra were replaced with the Axe 2, at first the differences in sounds were slight. When the 3 was released I thought the differences were pretty small compared with the 2. BUT and it's a big but. Over time as the...
  3. Lightningboy

    Matrix bridge mode

    You can set the level for Output 2 to +4db as well. That should give you a significant volume boost. It will make the amp reach full power however before the volume on the amp is at full. You can drop the Global EQ level for Output 2 by -4db to compensate. That will bring your level (if your...
  4. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1600FX vs. GT1000FX

    The GT1000 will be more than enough for guitar use. If bass guitar is in the picture then consider the 2U GT1000 as the extra cooling helps a lot if you will be playing louder gigs or club stages. For bigger gigs on bass then consider the 1600. You'll find when the 1600 interacts with a...
  5. Lightningboy

    deep-ish question for the most well-versed of amp builders/modders, & general alchemists

    Most amps "in the wild" vary a lot even between the same models. Put 2 JCM800s side by side and they may sound slightly different to each other. Older Marshalls were known to swap in components of varying types when they had run out of one type and added to that the tolerances between various...
  6. Lightningboy

    Reactor/Atomic 18w

    I had one quite a while ago. I think there is a switch that engages the signal, when a unit is put into the dock. Kind of like a kill switch. All I remember is it was to the left (facing) near the electronics. Think I just used to push it down and then tape it over or something to get it working.
  7. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000 FX version

    All newer models have the same boards as the older ones. No difference internally. The main changes are when we moved from steel casing to aluminium and added the clip lights. The older steel ones were greyish (UK style old) then went a bit blacker as we used a US anodising company) then we...
  8. Lightningboy

    Matrix Protect light intermittently on

    We're still here in the UK and still offer support and servicing. If you contact Matrix, usually the first person answering will be me......here in the UK. We still offer servicing and repairs in the UK and US which is where we are still based.
  9. Lightningboy

    New Matrix GT1000FX 1 space different from older models ?

    Most of the volume is from 12 o'clock onwards so yes the taper does play a part. The volume knobs are pretty easy to remove but harder to put back on. The volumes are "floating" on their legs on the main board. This is so if the amp does receive a drop or knock the volumes would simply push in...
  10. Lightningboy

    New Matrix GT1000FX 1 space different from older models ?

    New models are an aluminium chassis so that's were the weight drop comes from. Old models were steel. As to the output difference that's puzzling. I've asked Andy if there is anything different but as far as I'm aware the actual boards we use haven't changed at all so everything should be the...
  11. Lightningboy

    Cabinets that matches well with 5150/6160

    So the original Peavey 5150 cabs had Peavey Sheffield 1200s in them (not the 1290s that were awful). These were purported (by Eddie) to sound like his old/worn Greenbacks in his old cabs. I've known people get good results with Mesa cabs and Marshall Greenback type cabs as well so they'd be the...
  12. Lightningboy

    What Ohm Speakers for Matrix NL212 Cabinet

    Correct, two 16 ohm speakers. Parallel wiring. 8 ohm mono.
  13. Lightningboy

    Do's and don'ts of IR's live

    Through the PA/FOH (Front of house) try and adopt a "sounds good in the mix" of the band. That is what a sound engineer would do anyway with your mic'd up signal. You can always adjust your personal on stage sound via the Global EQ that runs to your monitor or if you want to get a bit more...
  14. Lightningboy

    Matrix Power Amp - Set Matrix Volume High and Regulate with Input or Vise Versa

    It is more to do with volume than anything happening inside the amp or any "magic". Generally when you get up to that level you have a fair few watts coming out of the speaker so the "feel" improves. Same thing you'd get with a tube amp. If their volumes went down enough in a linear kind of...
  15. Lightningboy

    Clip of IR through tube amps?

    Results may vary obviously from person to person and there is no right or wrong way to do things. If it sounds good to you then that's fine. You may find at lower volumes, cab sims will sound ok and act almost like a "loudness button on a hi-fi" or even a rough EQ for the FM curve. At louder...
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