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Recent content by Larry Mitchell

  1. Larry Mitchell

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    No schedule for traveling outside of the country yet but I’d love to come back to south korea. I had a great time there. :0) from the headphone jack I have just a right angle 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adaptor so I can use my in ears when I need to ( hotel rooms. Sound testing. Backstage warmups...
  2. Larry Mitchell

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    The midi mouse is just changing presets . It’s just easier for me to through lots of presets with it quickly.
  3. Larry Mitchell

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I got some cool newstuff to complete my main board lately. New chad from Boston covers and plexi glass covers. And a pedal board form xts. Some giG’s though will just be the FM3 and an EV-2.
  4. Larry Mitchell

    Expression Pedal Controls for Multiple Blocks/Channels?

    hi guys. Thus might help you. in A few of my presets I have a WAH with the modifier set to auto in engage on channel A. I only use one channel for my WAH I also have a volume pedal that’s the modifier is set to channel B in a scene when I want a Wah, the WAH is on channel A and the volume...
  5. Larry Mitchell

    Nice Rack Canada | Gig Lab

    Stunning Work!
  6. Larry Mitchell

    USB output level adjustment

    Hey. Thank you. Hmmm it’s strange that if it’s going in and being recorded at -18 but when your exporting it’s coming out loud especially the usb dry guitar for revamping. I’m not sure what’s going on. Wish I could help
  7. Larry Mitchell

    USB output level adjustment

    Hey Make sure that when you RENDER in Reaper to send to your drummer that it is not Normalizing the Audio file. Should just be Exporting the file as is and not raising the level. If you say inside Reaper that its hitting -18 but when you render its too hot that's what I am thinking is happening
  8. Larry Mitchell

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    they come in a couple of different lengths. I think I got mine from a shop in Seattle I have 11 and I think maybe 18 inches? :-)
  9. Larry Mitchell

    Fm3 Setup questions

    what is in the patch you are using? Delete the amp and cab in the patch. And yes instrument level
  10. Larry Mitchell

    I got to take the FM3 for a test drive this weekend

    Yes. ITs a Marshall 4x12 Royer 121 I believe 3 inches from the edge off axis. I don't remember exactly what is inside the cabinet though.I have found a close but the low end is different is the Factory Bluddo? 212 Cab the one with the R121 on it Hope that helps. there's not a lot done to the...
  11. Larry Mitchell

    I got to take the FM3 for a test drive this weekend

    Great tones all all speeds. :cool: I shouldn't have to say this but...... Please don't put your FM3 in the microwave. besides it only works if you get sent one of the tiny vacuum sealed FM3 meant for saving space during space travel to Mars. :-)
  12. Larry Mitchell

    FM3 Looper Block

    You might want to try a looper block in one preset and switching scenes from clean to lead. its work great like that. :0)
  13. Larry Mitchell

    External Reverb pedal with FM3 - Recommendations

    It has been very easy to get the levels right with the FM3 and the H9. Much easier than with the AX8 for me
  14. Larry Mitchell

    Larry Mitchell Livestream

    Hi Yek. I was using iOS app switcher studio. There’s a monthly charge but there are free apps that do the same thing multi camera live streaming OBS on the Mac is becoming the standard.
  15. Larry Mitchell

    Larry Mitchell Livestream

    Hi Dave, You had it right the Plexi by it self is what I use the most. it is dark I like Dark tones :-) I only put the FAS Boost on when I need the most gain. I only use one drive Block so if the Octave Distortion is on then the FAS boost can not be. Usually the FAS boosts one with the 7-5-7...
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