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Recent content by Larry Mitchell

  1. Larry Mitchell

    Tuesday nights

    Thank you for watching guys. :0)
  2. Larry Mitchell

    Tuesday nights

    HI Ken
  3. Larry Mitchell

    Tuesday nights

    Thought I'd post, this is from Earlier. Thank you for Watching and listening
  4. Larry Mitchell

    special Larry Mitchell reverb sound with oscillation

    Glad you found it. Yeah ive been doing that for many yeas now. I believe the oroginal idea comes from the factory preset velvet Sun? And i used a bit of that a factory preset i made call Prometheus, ill check my email thank you. Rock on. :0)
  5. Larry Mitchell

    special Larry Mitchell reverb sound with oscillation

    Im in computer hell right now of i could upload a preset for you but I cannot get to it.
  6. Larry Mitchell

    special Larry Mitchell reverb sound with oscillation

    Hi Dietri. For current septup with the FM 3 and Axe fx 3 iuse the plexverb or plex detune or plex delay. The thing that makes it move and swirl really is a Wah (clyde for me) with one of the controllers controlling. The sweep of the wah very slowly i use that sound a. Lot. But its. Not. Just one...
  7. Larry Mitchell

    ONE Expression for different uses with scenes?

    Same Here I use one EXP Pedal and Channels and Scenes and it works perfect. I have one Preset where Scene 1 its an Volume. Scene 3 4 5 its a wah Scene 6 its a whammy I have lots of Presets where its a volume pedal on all scenes except Scene 3 and 6 where it switches to being a WAH
  8. Larry Mitchell

    Auctioning Time, Lessons. Fractal and Production for Guitars in The Classroom

    Hello Fractal Family. I am participating in raising some money for a great organization called Guitars in the classroom. Check out their website if can guitaristtheclasson.org There is a auction happening this week With Some of Jason Mraz's guitars he's used on tour Some cool Mandolins and...
  9. Larry Mitchell

    Small/Portable/Cheap Speaker

    yes. I have a splitter cable. But I have to use adapters on the other end. I should check mono price or another company that sells cables it’s be great to have a mini 1/8 inch stereo to two mono 1/8 inch all male ends. right now I use a 1/8 stereo male end cable to two 1/4 male end s , you...
  10. Larry Mitchell

    Volume pedal in effects loop

    I’m not sure I understand why a volume pedal would take up a switch?
  11. Larry Mitchell

    Small/Portable/Cheap Speaker

    The little $30 or so JBL clips but the ones with a cable or aux input still work great for me.
  12. Larry Mitchell

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nice Greg
  13. Larry Mitchell

    Knaggs Guitars.

    Hey Guys, Knaggs makes incredible beautiful works of Playable art! Some of the finest guitars Sounds and playing wise I have ever played.Made in America by the original PRS private stock Program Guys. Designed by Joseph Knaggs who created that program back at PRS and who design the Starla...
  14. Larry Mitchell

    New EP(s) Out today

    THANK YOU :)
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