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Recent content by Laedan Kiana

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    What is the sound of a stone

    mind boggling stuff!
  2. L

    funny preset names ?

    My main live distortion patch uses the marsha be sim so i named it Marsha Brady. When devising my marsha hbe patch it seemed an obvious choice to name it Marsha's Ballsack.
  3. L

    What's the word on version 11 firmware?

    Don't think Cliff is going to need to convince anyone to buy the new axe, nor is he trying IMO. If he says the new code sounds better I believe him. True, I have never been happier with my Ultra after this update, but I will relish the day I have an axeII or III for my studio needs. My Ultra...
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    What's the word on version 11 firmware?

    IMO that sim has always been weak as well as abrasive. Use the Orange Recto and Rock on.
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    Dream Theater Drummer documentary

    Whoop D.
  6. L

    Dream Theater Drummer documentary

    Word is they did pick Marco but he wouldn't commit. I'm pretty sure you'd rather him go ahead and do that album with Guthrie and Beller anyway..............right?
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    Your favorite Van Halen Tunes (DLR years)

    feel your love tonight women in love take your whiskey home mean streets secrets drop dead legs
  8. L

    Anyone read the latest Rolling Stone? EVH Content.

    +1 Well worded!!!
  9. L

    I hate it when ...

    Axe-fx Mega!!!!!!!
  10. L

    Favorite drive pedals for bass?

    Will be going into tweak mode in a few days. Will let you guys know about my progress. Thanx for replying.
  11. L

    Favorite drive pedals for bass?

    Whats everybody using for their Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Karnivool, Tool, etc.? Got a new gig, need to start makin some patches. Thanx in advance. LK
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    super clean vox sound

    Crunky you the tone master. Awesome as always.
  13. L

    Koln Concert reverb?

    Try a hall reverb instead and pay close attention to your early reflections. As far as piano sound from a LP, i haven't a clue. Playing anything off of Koln is a bold undertaking, good luck and holla back.
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    Using Compression for metal (Bulb style)

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Brilliant post Widrace. Yet again we all say many thanks. You da man!!!
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    DIVINITY new video in GUITAR WORLD

    Its just a song guys......calm down. If someone wants to think what you guys are implying, whats wrong with that. Last i heard, in america we are allowed to express our opinions. The OP has already pointed out that there are more than just 911 references in the intro. That said, anyone who...
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