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  • Sorry Bro! I didn't see your message. You have to click on the 'view conversation' by the post on these pages. I only know this because we build websites :)
    Yeah I'll probably be there for sure. They just played that Malevolent Creation show Sunday and got on the Crowbar bill. HEy you like DOOM metal? Checkout my Bros. BLACK BEARD!! That's some GAWDDAMN DOOM right there hahaha!!!
    Hel yeah dude thats awesome! you coming to the show? im pretty stoked for this one, the new Mojoes looks sick! def excited to play there
    Hey see my Bros. are opening for you on the 4th!!! 'The Burning Down'. Cool, I added an Acacia Strain preset sample in my 7 strang thread. Lemme know what cha think!
    I'm from south Chicago, in the Beverly area. But I'm actually up in Minnesota currently going to school there. Pretty sweet school actually, I'm going for music production and engineering/mastering http://www.ipr.edu/
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