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Recent content by kruzty

  1. K

    FM3 headphones jack

    These are really nice for that kind of thing: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AmPro20--westone-am-pro-20-ambient-earphones-clear
  2. K

    Mixers today

    Have you looked at the Zoom L-12 or L-20?
  3. K

    FS [Reverb] Axe-Fx II XL

    As stated in the description, AxeFX II XL in excellent condition: https://reverb.com/item/18769870-fractal-audio-axe-fx-ii-xl
  4. K

    Input to AX8 from Active Pre-amp

    I recently bought a violin pickup with a plan to run it into the AX8 so I can switch between guitar and fiddle without sending a different input to the monitor / board. They call it a pickup, but it is really a mic with an active pre-amp. When plug it into the AX8, I can get some volume out of...
  5. K

    Guitar Squeal

    I was using my AX8 at gig a couple days ago and had an odd thing happened starting in the 3rd set. Whenever I switched to my neck pickup (or middle position, which also uses the neck pickup) I would get high pitch feedback, like a microphone being pointed at a monitor. Of course the first...
  6. K

    A "guitar speaker cabinet" that's close to a FRFR

  7. K

    Choosing a digital mixer

    I'm pretty happy with the Soundcraft Ui16. I think the UI is great and works with any device with a modern browser (you don't need a separate app), but if you need physical controls it won't work for you. I run sound for our band when we play at a place with a larger Presonus digital board. I do...
  8. K

    Presets CPU% before and after the 10.00 firmware

    Let's say the only improvement to CPU usage is in the amp block. If that is the case, then that's the only reduction there would be no matter how many other types of blocks you have.
  9. K

    FRFR suggestions

    I have the Yamaha DBR10. It sounds great and should be plenty of power for your needs.
  10. K

    New Line 6 FRFR cab - Powercab

    For the included models, they aren't modelling cabs - they are modeling speakers. Apparently, the HF driver isn't even used when selecting one of the onboard speaker models.
  11. K

    Portable Line Array / Column Systems

    Has anyone used the smaller / cheaper portable column speakers in a band situation (the LD 5 Maui or the Inspire ip500 / ip1000, in particular)? I got an original Bose L1 when they first came out. I used it for quite awhile for vocals in rehearsal, but I couldn't get the rest of the band to use...
  12. K

    Are these Axe-Fx 2 hardware limitations?

    You could use Kick Starter (or similar) and as long as you get the required amount, release it to everyone and not have to worry about pirating. If you don't get it, you never start working on it an no one actually pays.
  13. K

    How do you boost signal for solos?

    I had my boost on the output level per scene, but it was difficult to manage (if you want to change the level, you have to do it for every scene, for example). I found it simpler to have a null filter block at the end of the fx chain. That way, you can clearly see when it is off or on and, if...
  14. K


    I don't really know how much, if any, it is colored because I haven't compared it to some other "flat" power amp. I just know it doesn't sound band and, in fact, I think it sounds good. As far as volume, I think it is plenty loud. I run it at about the 5W master setting and have no problem...
  15. K


    I use the 101 mini as a power amp to a normal guitar cab. No 4CM needed for me because I'm only using it as a power amp. I go from the AX8 to the quilter's FX return. I have the Voice set to Full ! and the Hi-Cut to flat (fully counterclockwise). Tri-Q is a pre-amp thing, so doesn't affect the...
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