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  • Hey there!

    I'm running PT HD v9 and I've just got the Axe FXII. I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction.

    1. I want to slave to Axe via SPDIF from my external Antelope clock (PT is a slave as well). I guess if I *had* to I could use the Axe as a master but I'm sure the dedicated clock is a lot more precise.

    2. I want to record two channels at once: the unmodeled signal for potential reamping, and the wet signal. On the POD, I recorded the unedited signal via AES and the wet from analog outs since I knew I'd be reamping. Here, ideally I'd have two digital outs via USB, but I'd be okay using AES for the digital out and the analog outs as needed.

    I can't get anything from the Axe to show up anywhere except in the audio options of my audio/midi setup (and the drop-down menu on playback engines, but I don't want to use the Axe for that, obviously).

    Any tips would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks very much!

    Nick van Dyk
    I own both. There is almost nothing that the Eventide does that the Axe-Fx can't do. It certainly is NOT in the area of "wildness" that the two differ. You show me a wild Eventide preset, and I'll show you a wilder Axe-Fx preset that's also easier to edit, control, and share.
    Hi: You know, since I got my Ultra, the H8000 gets very little use (mostly for acoustic guitars which it's great for). Yes, the Eventides do many totally tweaked things the Axe doesn't do. But, I don't have much use for those. Even the Axe is a bit over the top for me in that dept. I just need good tone and good, bread & butter EFX. Sorry if this doesn't help much.
    hi there. i am just wondering if your eventide was able to do very twisted sort of effects. I find the Axe FX lacking a bit in the creative effect department. dont get me wrong - the delays, choruses, filters, EQs phasers, etc are good enough in the Axe FX and are a guitar player's dream since there is no more need to have a series of pedals on the floor or rack, and the crystal-like ambiences are just as good as eventides (minus the eventide color) but for some reason, i find the axe-fx lacking in the more crazy FX. Doe sht eventide blow it away in terms of those types of more non-traditional effects?

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