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Recent content by kmanick

  1. kmanick

    Do we have any OD that is a "flavored" OD in the Fx8?

    exactly, that's unfortunate that the FX8 doesn't have any , like the pedals I referenced in the OP. oh well guess I can add an external pedal to my board if need be
  2. kmanick

    Do we have any OD that is a "flavored" OD in the Fx8?

    I've got a Splawn Supersport EL-34 that is my main rig now and I use the FX8 in 4CM mode with it and it works fabulously. last night the other guitarist in my band saw a Bad Company Tribute band and the guitarist was using a Supersport as well (Go Splawn) but he was running pedals into the clean...
  3. kmanick

    Looking for the best most transparent clean boost in the FX8 with no mid hump

    I recently picked up a Splawn Super Sport el-34 version and I'm looking for a boost that will not give me a mid hump , I just want a hotter signal with some hi/low cut. thoughts?
  4. kmanick

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    My wife is generally pretty good about it but my daughter just started college and the cost almost caused me to stroke out . I have to be responsible for the next 4 years after that , i don't think she gives a sh*t. I used to have quite a collection and she didn't seem to care back then . Now...
  5. kmanick

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    ya sadly if you're married .... and want to stay married one in one out is a very real thing :( current line up 2002 Jackson USA SL2H 2001 Jackson USA Sl-1 2010 MIJ Charvel WildCard #4 2010 Charvel MIJ SoCal 2001 GMW CS Strat 2010 Les Paul Traditional Pro Exclusive 2018 Ibanez 752AHM at one...
  6. kmanick

    Anyone know how to set the Rotary block for a Badfinger song?

    this sounds great thank you!!!!
  7. kmanick

    Anyone know how to set the Rotary block for a Badfinger song?

    thanks I'll give this a try (I actually should've posted this in the Fx8 section as that is what I'm using with my JVM ) but I figured I'd bet more activity on it over here. I found a couple of older threads and tried their settings but it's almost "over kill" if you know what I mean. Can you...
  8. kmanick

    Anyone know how to set the Rotary block for a Badfinger song?

    No matter what has appeared on my list of songs to learn for this band I've joined, anyone know how to get this sound just right? it's a Leslie simulation thanks Nick
  9. kmanick

    Can anyone tell me how to set up the pitch block to cover the harmonies in the Scorpions tune

    there's no One like you? I will play the mattias part but I've never been clear how to set this thing up. I know the Song is in "A" and t's a natural Minor progression (F to G to A Minor) so how do I set the pitch block?
  10. kmanick

    Andy Wood teaches EJ / Bonnamasa style

    Andy is so good
  11. kmanick

    I've always been a v30 guy. Let's talk about Greenbacks.

    try mixing v30's with creamback m65's I have that mix in my jcm 800 cab and I wish I had done it years ago
  12. kmanick

    Friedman BE 4x12 speaker replacement

    if you've got the V30's on the bottom try 2 G12-m65's. I have a 2x12 with that mix and they sound killer together
  13. kmanick

    Axe III + Matrix GT800 + Marshall SV212

    clips? nice looking rig, I've sold my AxeFx II and am using a JVM210H with the FX-8 at the moment, but I may go to an Axe III at some point using a similar rig like you have going here. At the moment we're looking at the Suhr PT-15 which would gives us the best of both worlds (real cab/IR)...
  14. kmanick

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    I've been dealing with this for about 10 years now. I always wear ear plugs now at rehearsals or gig (our own or watching) I saw some specialists at Mass Eye and Ear and one of the doctors gave me a prescription for Clonapin/Clorazapan. just 0.5 tablets. He says it's the only known drug that...
  15. kmanick

    never mind

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