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Recent content by kkolb71

  1. kkolb71

    JCM 2000 vs JCM 800

    Just watched a rig run down for Joe Bonamassa and was surprised that he has obviously moved from the silver jubilee on the current tour and has a pair of the JCM2000 along with a Suhr head he is using now. Must be something to these that he likes.
  2. kkolb71

    General Question

    Maybe you could speak with my wife regarding the whole life is short and music is forever thing. It would make things less awkward when the delivery truck shows up! Seriously, glad to hear you are enjoying the Axe FX. It is inspiring when you have the tools to create the tone you hear in your...
  3. kkolb71

    Need Help w/ Talk Box Effect

    Maybe put the format block on the top row and run in parallel mode with the bypass state something other than "thru". Route the signal back through the main path with connectors and when it is active it will flow through both outputs as you have it now. when bypassed it will kill the second...
  4. kkolb71

    Ultrarez Ownhammers shallow around 500hz?

    I also liked the 1st and 9th sample best for my existing presets as I felt the midrange was better. After loading all of my user slots with the Cab Pack 3 ultrares files, I have found myself using the 1x12 cabs on almost every preset. Again, the midrange is more forward and the lows tighter...
  5. kkolb71

    Axe edit with the new software

    I have been using the new version of axe edit for MAC the last few days and it is working great for me. No time-outs or problems. I am glad axe-manage and cab-manage are functional as well. It saved a lot of time dragging and dropping 100 hi res cabs from the download folder to the cab-manage...
  6. kkolb71

    Soild or Chambered Warmoth Tele Body?

    I was a little hesitant at first to go with a chambered design but having now owned several Tele style bodies that are chambered I think they sound better. Especially with single coil pickups and low to mid gain stuff. You can really hear the resonance of the wood in a mildly overdriven tone...
  7. kkolb71

    In-ear Monitor suggestions?

    I am using the Westone ES-5 IEM molds with the Sennheiser 300 wireless system. Our whole band has this same setup.
  8. kkolb71

    PRS vs Parker!

    I just received a new Suhr Classic Antique and was really excited about finally getting one. It is a great guitar and sounds awesome, so no complaints as compared to a bunch of other guitars. I have just always heard that Suhr used a plek machine and the frets and craftsmanship were second to...
  9. kkolb71

    PRS vs Parker!

    I am really fortunate own a lot of guitars and I am almost on the edge of having a problem! This being said my honest opinion for what is worth: I have several Tom Anderson's, PRS DGT, Musicman Axis EVH, Gibson Les Paul Standard, G&L Legacy, G&L ASAT, Valley Arts Brent Mason, Fender 52 RI...
  10. kkolb71

    Does Axe ever freeze up on stage

    Outdoors, indoors, smokey clubs, hot and cold, mine has seen a lot of travel the last 18 months and has worked flawlessly. It is very durable and sounds consistent every time. I do not connect to a computer for live shows though. I can't say enough about how consistent the sound is. I was...
  11. kkolb71

    What are your expression pedal uses?

    I use 3 FV-500 pedals. The first is always volume regardless of preset. The second is usually wet/dry mix for delay and 3rd alternates per preset between wah, tremolo speed and or auto-engage for phase/flange.
  12. kkolb71

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    Great feature updates on the XL. Thanks Fractal team for the continued improvements. I appreciate it. Sounds like the XL could be the new primary and my existing Axe II could be the backup rig!
  13. kkolb71

    XLR outs buzz when Axe is turned off?

    I had something similar happen at a club this past weekend. My rig was not powered on yet but XLR's were plugged in and there was noise coming through FOH. the sound guy said he isolated it to me. I thought he was drinking but I switched the XLR ground lift on the back of unit and the hum...
  14. kkolb71

    Global Effects Level Question

    Guys thanks very much for the feedback on this. Some very innovative ideas and I appreciate your time responding. I think I may have figured out an easier way. I think I can just leave the "x" state of delay and reverb blocks for normal indoor shows and set the "y" block to be the different...
  15. kkolb71

    Global Effects Level Question

    I have been playing a lot of outdoor shows recently mixed in with the normal club shows and have been manually adjusting delay and reverb to fit both types of venues. I understand the global level for delay and reverb and linking them as global blocks but I still have a question. As an...
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