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Recent content by Kent

  1. Kent

    Headphones question

    Flat response can't be done in terms of getting 'flat' headphones. There is simply no way due to physics. Find some 'good' ones that aren't overly boosted or cut anywhere and then learn how they sound and translate to other systems. That's what all of the professionals do.
  2. Kent

    Dad Jokes

    Thanks, Norm!
  3. Kent

    Drobo bankruptcy

    Oh, no. They seemed to be such a big player back in the day. I wonder if it all went to shit with the buyout/sale. Were they saddled with the debt of their own buyout, as per the USA norm? Did this wreck the company? No idea. I’ve got three of their devices in near constant use. They’ve been...
  4. Kent

    Dad Jokes

    Say what you want about deaf people
  5. Kent

    Is recording music in parts cheating?

    How you makes it is how ya makes it. Anything goes!
  6. Kent

    Dad Jokes

    A storm rolled through Colorado, picking up shipments of eggs and flour, and it now battering the Midwest!
  7. Kent

    Dad Jokes

    I took my 8-year-old daughter to the office on 'Take Your Kid To Work Day' But when we walked in the office she started to cry. As concerned staff gathered round I asked her what was wrong and she said: "Daddy where are all the clowns you said you worked with?"
  8. Kent

    RIP Meat Loaf

    His name was Robert Paulson. Bonus BS: Jim Steinman once threw a heavy & glass ashtray at my head. It exploded on the wall to my right. Real nice guy...
  9. Kent

    Dad Jokes

  10. Kent

    A short review and a concern

    "Mischpult" is German for "Mixing Console"... mehr oder weniger.
  11. Kent

    Fractal discount in EU?

    LOL. No.
  12. Kent

    New UA Pedals

    The Fractal/Kemper/Line6 crowd are definitely not the intended market for these. These are for the more Luddite amongst our guitar brethren.
  13. Kent

    Line 6 PowerCab 112

    First thought: is each PC+ setup exactly identically?
  14. Kent

    Gibson buying Mesa?

    Well, let's see. Gibson is a new company now.
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