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Recent content by kengtin

  1. kengtin

    Symphony X - Serpents Kiss(FULL COVER) Energyball/CP19

    Being also a big Symphony X fan I have to concur, this is great material, quality, playing, tone, singing... pffff KUDOS !!!!
  2. kengtin

    RACER X - Street Lethal - Full cover w/vocals (video)

    Indeed, as everyone has already stated, this cover rocks!!! And yes, I share the same thought about Paul's alternate picking
  3. kengtin

    Metallica 'Hardwired... to self-destruct' guitar tones, presets and video!

    Although I'm a fan of Metallica's "early" stuff mostly, this is an awesome video, incredible effort and the presets sound great! Kudos!
  4. kengtin

    FAS 6160 Metal Cilp

    Whoaaa, this sounds really beefy and clear!! Keep it up! You pretty much can't go wrong with anything that's 5150, 6160, 5153 related. Kudos!
  5. kengtin

    How brutal can you get with the 5153 100W Blue Channel?

    I second this! and sounds tighter too, paired with either a clean boost or a PEQ it's killer. For a while the 50W model has been my favorite; I've been exploring other models, but just keep coming back to this one.
  6. kengtin

    Love me some Petrucci!

    That was a nice, warm tone !!!
  7. kengtin

    practicing Mr. Scary

    Really, really nice Lynch feel. Great job!
  8. kengtin

    Insanity - (by Andy La Rocque) from King Diamond's 'The Eye'

    Great work! Particularly those cleans/acoustics
  9. kengtin

    Eric Johnson - Manhattan cover - video (Quantum 3.2)

    I really enjoyed that, excellent performance!
  10. kengtin

    Pink Floyd's Cluster One (full mix)

    That's great to hear guys! Yes, if we're diligent enough, we might not eventually lose them to the mainstream/pop and whatever kids are listening to these days hehe. Kudos!!
  11. kengtin

    On The Turning Away Solo Cover

    I can't get tired of listening to Gilmour's material. Excellent tone and playing!!! Makes me wanna go back and reach out to the DSOT version of this song, my personal favorite.
  12. kengtin

    Symphony X-Underworld guitar cover/preset in the video description

    Well, I _AM_ a Symphony X fan and what else can I say... Excellent work!!!
  13. kengtin

    Pink Floyd's Cluster One (full mix)

    Sure, here it is: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4726
  14. kengtin

    Time solo by Pink Floyd.

    Niiice! We seem to be having a good Floyd/Gilmour wave recently. Loved the tone and the playing, kudos Mr. !!!
  15. kengtin

    Dream Theater “Another Day” Guitar Solo TM

    Very well played, I'm a big fan of those IAW and Awake years. Yeah it is close! IMO it has just a tad more trebble than the original, almost a bit single-coilish (in a good way), not too much. Kudos!!!
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