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Recent content by jw3571

  1. J

    Massive drop in volume

    Where is that setting, i've experienced the same thing?
  2. J

    Best Place to Adjust Volume

    Is it the exact same thing if I just increase it from the output block?
  3. J

    Best Place to Adjust Volume

    Thanks for the replies, so when you say the amp block, you're talking about the "level" adjustment in the amp block, correct?
  4. J

    Best Place to Adjust Volume

    I've noticed when downloading presets from Axe Change, that the volume usually needs to be increased or decreased. I've typically done that through Axe Edit under the amp block just changing the level. Is this the best place to do it or does it make more sense to increase it from the output...
  5. J

    Would like some recommendations for powered studio monitors and headphones to use with the III

    What size is the plug needed on the Axe III for the headphones. I have some older Sony's i want to use but the plug doesn't fit.
  6. J

    Headphones, No Amp, No Monitors (Temporary)

    Is there anyway you can use wireless headphones with the axe?
  7. J

    Presence vs Dynamic Presence

    What is the difference between these two? When would you want to use one versus the other?
  8. J

    Help With Odd Noise

    Thanks for the clarification, what amps are single ended on the Axe?
  9. J

    Help With Odd Noise

    Anything you can do about digital decay or you just live with it?
  10. J

    Help With Odd Noise

    I've read about fizz a lot and I don't think that's what it is. I get it on a lot of different amps, especially if I don't strum hard. I'll try messing with the gate or adding a gate expander.
  11. J

    Help With Odd Noise

    The monitors are plugged right into the axe. I sometimes use my mac to control axe edit. And yes, it's the fuzziness or artifact sound i'm hearing. I'm using 3.01.
  12. J

    High Gain Metal Tones Vs. Clean/slightly OD sounds

    I posted yesterday about some of artifacts I think you're hearing.
  13. J

    Help With Odd Noise

    I've tried that and it doesn't change anything. I'm using the stock gate settings but it does it either on intelligent or classic.
  14. J

    posting something from iphone

    Thanks, I got it figured out. Thanks for the help.
  15. J

    Help With Odd Noise

    I need some help with a diagnosis. I have this weird interference type sound when playing, i've posted a clip before. I'm playing through Presonnus Sceptre S8 monitors. I don't get this sound or at least i don't hear when playing through Marshall Sl5 combo. I get it on every patch and drives...
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