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Recent content by Justmc

  1. Justmc

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    I remember this being all the rage at the time
  2. Justmc

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    Saw them on that tour at the Roseland NYC... Unbelievable show.
  3. Justmc

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    Another classic growing up but went under the radar. Derringer-Live 1977
  4. Justmc

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    Along with UFO - Strangers in the Night I wore this album out growing up. Great thread - KISS- Alive was up there also... first concert as a 15year old was KISS in MSG 1977.
  5. Justmc

    Opinions on best value Hollow body Jazz box

    Bought this Epiphone Joe Pass a few years back, from a member here on the Fractal board. I have flat wound 11's on it . Very reasonable and plays like butter...
  6. Justmc

    Charvel The Original Gang

    I have a Starbody I bought in 1981... been butchered over the years though..keeping it for sentimental reasons. Will check this out- Thanks
  7. Justmc

    Possible help with tinnitus?

    I had the exact same experience ..Around 3 weeks after the second Moderna shot . Audiologists could not do anything but prescribe hearing aids to alleviate some of the symptoms. My GP told me that some of his patients experienced partial deafness and/or Bell's Palsy symptoms ..
  8. Justmc

    Getting a drummer to play in time

    I sent this to my drummer a while back.....:cool:
  9. Justmc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.08

    Same here .....
  10. Justmc

    Just Saw Diesel @ $6/gallon!!! WTF!!

  11. Justmc

    Mouse Review

    Still have mine from the late 70's... Thought is was being reviewed to be included in the AxeFx :cool:
  12. Justmc

    'The Alien' Wins Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance

    Jethro Metull 🤘
  13. Justmc

    Taylor Hawkins dead at 50.

    I'm sure Dave is reflecting on the loss of Kurt and now Taylor... RIP ... Glad I got to see them unplugged some years ago at the Beacon in NYC. Tragic loss ...
  14. Justmc

    32 "Scenes" Per Preset?! - Unlocking the Power of Scene Ignore - Fractal Friday #23

    Tried doing that also... still not the same options as the original preset. Hopefully Cooper will post both :cool:
  15. Justmc

    32 "Scenes" Per Preset?! - Unlocking the Power of Scene Ignore - Fractal Friday #23

    Thank you Cooper... very fine explanation of the new features. That " Scenes from a Rig " preset is awesome also. Is that available somewhere ? Only saw the " Scene Ignore " preset on Axechange.... Thanks for all your hard work.
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