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Recent content by JustinAiken

  1. J

    EV-1 will soon be offered in Black Only

    I'm willing to trade my limited edition silver EV-1 for 2-3 black EV-1s :D
  2. J

    FC-12 and Temple Audio

    Duo 34 with a de-rubbered FC12, 2 EV-1s, and a switchbox here; holes on the FC12 lined up perfect, EV-1s are two-screwed on instead of using a plate
  3. J

    FS AxeIII (Mark I) $2000 shipped to CONUS

    Price drop to $2000, was probably a bit on the high side.
  4. J

    WTB WTB Axe FX3 Canada

    I'd be willing to ship to Canada -> https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axeiii-mark-i-2100-shipped-to-conus.167105/
  5. J

    FS AxeIII (Mark I) $2000 shipped to CONUS

    Mint condition! Only used in my home office Plastic is off the screen, sorry :/ Comes with original boxes / packaging Price includes insured shipping to CONUS I'll take paypal (you pay fees if not doing gift option), venmo, or crypto
  6. J

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Go on... :D
  7. J

    adding a looper pedal - do i need a stereo pedal

    If you're listening through stereo monitors, you'll get more fun out of a stereo looper for sure. After your amp/cab blocks, you'll do a Out 3 (stereo to the looper) then it'll come back into In 3 (stereo from the looper) to Out 1 (your main output to whatever powers the monitors) That way if...
  8. J

    Wish I/O Routing Matrix

    Right now I have a "Input 4" patched to "Output 1" in all my presets to bring in a Beatbuddy drum machine pedal. Unless there's an easier way to always route a given input to the main outputs that I'm missing... +1
  9. J

    SOLD Temple Board - Plug and play w/your FM3/FC6 combo

    Aaaahhh... I ordered a good 70% of what's for sale here yesterday before I saw this post! 😞
  10. J

    Would a FC12 + EV-1 fit on a 24" Pedalboard?

    Musician's Friend deal of the day is this 24" board for: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/ultimate-support-upd-2416-b-pedalboard It seems like it might fit both, but it's very close... anyone ever tried?
  11. J

    Enable FC pedals/switches to send MIDI to downstream devices (such as DAW, other external gear)

    A 2020 bump on my biggest wish - a MIDI out block or Send MIDI funciton
  12. J

    5 Killer Tones - FW 11

    So I needed something to do while my oven was preheating; thought I'd come noodle on the AxeIII through a new pair of FRFRs for 10 minutes... clicked this preset since it was at the top of AxeChange... long story short, my oven's been hot and foodless for the last hour. All on 4/5 alone!
  13. J

    WISH: "Send MIDI function"

    Bump on my biggest Fractal wish!
  14. J

    FC6 vs Morningstar MC6

    Despite having/loving an FCx, I'm still holding onto my MC6 to control looper/DAW whilst daily hoping for a new firmware that increases the number of CSs or adds send midi function so I can lose it..
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