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Recent content by Josh O

  1. J

    Is the II Leaps and Bounds Beyond the Standard?

    I do mostly gravitate more towards the higher gain stuff and switch between the Uberschall, Orange, Shiva Lead and lately the Soldano X99 has been my go to. When I direct record, I really do favor the 4x12 cab with V30.
  2. J

    Is the II Leaps and Bounds Beyond the Standard?

    I've had my Standard since '08 and it still blows me away for direct record purposes and I like using it live as well. I've been eyeing the II but other than some of the nice upgraded features like assignable control knobs, bigger screen, headphone jack, USB, ethercon connection with MFC, etc...
  3. J

    Premiere Guitar Video - Axe-Fx II

    Man alive, now I want one!!!
  4. J

    How many ditched their "real" wah for the Axe Fx's?

    Been through many a wah pedal and never was satisfied with any until I got the ZVex Wah Probe. Unconventional in it's methodology but once you got used to the sensor plate vice having a typical wah treadle, it was the best wah for me........ I know longer have it, the Axe wah is the shizznit.
  5. J

    LF Jr - Wow and Big Props to Voes

    Picked up a like new LF Jr from a fellow forumite, got it today and wow, what a powerful little controller. Haven't even scratched the surface but I wanted to throw out some big props to Voes, your LF Jr website has helped me tremendously already, never would've figured out the tuner interface...
  6. J

    Srolling preview by change Bank

    I don't have one yet but I put a vote in for want. Liked that feature on my GCP>
  7. J

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Re: Show us your MFC Setups! ( Post your pix! ) I was hoping it would improve my playing :) I guess the talent booster is what I really need :))
  8. J

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Re: Show us your MFC Setups! ( Post your pix! ) Don't leave me hangin!!!!!!
  9. J

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Re: Show us your MFC Setups! ( Post your pix! ) Scott what is that in your rack above your Ultra?
  10. J

    Looper & MFC

    Alas I am a commoner no looooooper for me :(
  11. J

    Looper & MFC

    I must not be paying attention what's going on around here.....what looper?????!!!
  12. J

    Not Looking 2 Start Trouble, Time 2 Give Up Hope on Email?

    Believe me I'm not trying to incite a riot, start a new "bash Fractal's business tactics" thread or look for Cliff's wrath, I just have an honest question. Is it time to just abandon hope on receiving "the" email anytime soon and put an MFC-101 in my shopping cart and be done with it? I check...
  13. J

    Damn - Snooze You Lose!!

    So wait list be damned, I want an MFC!! So yesterday I got on the computer real quick and decided to check the stock situation, went to purchase and low behold into my cart it went! Of course I was on the go at the time and couldn't make the purchase. Well, conked out early last night and...
  14. J


    +1, well put and my sentiments exactly
  15. J


    I've stayed quiet on this whole issue just patiently waiting for the day the email shows up as many as of here have/are doing but I have to admit I'm a little disappointed as well as to how this is going down. I too thought it was said that the first big order that came in was to satisfy the...
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