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Recent content by josephyballew

  1. josephyballew

    Tri-Stereo Chorus - please say it’s in !

    From WIKI Reverb defaults to high-quality on the Axe-Fx III. On the FM3, Reverb can run in high-quality only without amp modeling (amp modeling and reverb run on the same processor).
  2. josephyballew

    Does playing through an FRFR make you really feel like you gotta amp?

    I use Adam studio monitors at home and two Vox 2-12 cabs with full range Celestians with a QSC Power amp live. Other times I use2 QSC k12s. All work well. I do believe the Adams is the best at home. It seems counter productive to use guitar speakers.
  3. josephyballew

    Tri-Stereo Chorus - please say it’s in !

    http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Effects_list Here is the effect list in FM3
  4. josephyballew

    Best live use of FM3

    You have 4 outputs, run two to FOH, and other two to FRFR Cabs in stereo is the best. I use two 2-12 Vox Cabs, with Full range Celestians and a QSC power amp. You can also use PA cabs or FRFR with built in power amps. A lot of FRFR for dedicated guitar say they are flat but are not. You have a...
  5. josephyballew

    Wish FREQOUT pedal

    I like the Freakout. It beats routing my guitar.
  6. josephyballew

    Amp Model Specific Youtube Tutorials: Is this something you would be interested in?

    Everyone can learn something from someone else. I pull up Axe 3 videos all the time and say to myself at times, I never thought of that. I am sure the designers can learn by their own creations things they did not realize the unit could do, or not in the way it is being done. I watch Leon all...
  7. josephyballew

    Wish 16 scenes and 8 channels

    That is exactly what I do except with 3 presets.
  8. josephyballew

    Wish 16 scenes and 8 channels

    The more channels - Sometimes you need more amps than four in a preset and sometimes you need more than 4 pitches. If you have a 12 string, detune, and two harmony changes and then need a whammy, you have run out of channels. You would have to go to a new preset. I don't like changing presets...
  9. josephyballew

    Wish 16 scenes and 8 channels

    Scenes always work better than going between presets in the middle of a song. When you are changing just a few items in the preset there is no lag time on a big preset. If you have a 70 percent preset and go to another 70 percent preset, there is a little lag time. You don't get this on scenes...
  10. josephyballew

    Wish 16 scenes and 8 channels

    We need this more than anything. I could work one preset all night with this.
  11. josephyballew

    Has the Axe changed your tonal palette?

    I never have gone for the over the top distortion amps. Before amp switching, I used a Fender Twin and a Marshall 800 and selected between them with a double pole double throw switch. Then later on I had a Mesa Road King and a Mesa MK4 in stereo, using the Mk 4 preamp, and the power section of...
  12. josephyballew

    Monitor out is stereo, why listen in mono?

    As far as mono. On the Axe FX, I always get all my tones in mono tweaked, then branch out with Stereo effects. You can't put the cart before the horse.
  13. josephyballew

    Monitor out is stereo, why listen in mono?

    I have been playing in Stereo since the 80s. It is dumb to do it any other way, even if it is just two one twelve cabs.
  14. josephyballew

    Turn Volume off when engaging Wah

    You can just make a wah scene and have the wah to turn on and the volume to turn off. If your volume is low when you change scenes may be a problem. Set one pedal up to do wah and expression pedal will only work on the one engaged. I did not like wasting a scene and just added another expression...
  15. josephyballew

    Somebody pass me a crying towl, all I'm doing lately is waiting for stuff... :(

    I think I have my Helix sold. I hope the FM3 comes out soon. I don't have a back up for my Axe 3. I am late on the wait list, so I hope nothing happens .
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