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Recent content by josephyballew

  1. josephyballew

    If you have a saved program and install an effect on one scene, it is active in every scene.

    There may be a setting in global to fix this. If I put an effect on one scene, I just want it to be on that one scene. It is auto on all scenes. It only takes a minute to fix but a would be nice to only be active on just the scene I put it on.
  2. josephyballew

    Delay issue

    Thank You the thru worked
  3. josephyballew

    Delay issue

    I made a program with a dual delay with the mix wide open. I do this for separation of a double sound and set the left side to 1ms and the right to 60ms. This gives me the original sound on the left and the delayed side on the right with a better sound on a doubled sound. The problem is when I...
  4. josephyballew

    Wish Expression pedal disable mode when not hooked up

    It is hooked it to my FC12 and the controls are frozen at wide open when not connected and can not be moved
  5. josephyballew

    Wish Expression pedal disable mode when not hooked up

    I have 3 expression pedals set up in my live show but when I am home I don't use any. It would be nice that even though I have the expression pedals assigned that when there is not one plugged in that it is default to 0 that can be edited. I have to disable all three to do any programming. I...
  6. josephyballew

    Boss Katana mkII as a power amp/speaker solution

    The Katanas mk2 is not stereo but has a stereo link so you can use two while only using one controller. I did some research on this. Nothing beats this unit for the money. The new unit allows you to go to power amp in and use it as FRFR systems. I was trying to find info whether the speaker were...
  7. josephyballew

    New Axe-Fx III basic price - $1,999

    Just a guess but people are frustrated with the FM3 being delayed so long that business is being lost. Better to lower the A3 than for customers to buy a Kemper or Helix. That may be incorrect, just a guess. I would like to see a Helix format with A3 guts so you don't have to have two seperate...
  8. josephyballew

    New Axe-Fx III basic price - $1,999

    I paid 2500.00 the first week it came out. Makes me sick
  9. josephyballew


    It Could be just with Sonar Platinum. I just got the latest version of Pro Tools, so I will see with that when I have time to breathe. I am not a fan of Mac, because they are so proprietary. Plus, every time my buddy updates his, stuff stops working. I built my PC from the ground up and very...
  10. josephyballew


    If you have another audio interface, record your guitar and reamp with the AXE interface until you are happy with the guitar, lay down those tracks, then switch over to your dedicated Audio interface. I don't know why, but my DAW only lets you run one audio interface at a time. Every time I...
  11. josephyballew

    Does playing through an FRFR make you really feel like you gotta amp?

    I use Adam studio monitors at home and two Vox 2-12 cabs with full range Celestians with a QSC Power amp live. Other times I use2 QSC k12s. All work well. I do believe the Adams is the best at home. It seems counter productive to use guitar speakers.
  12. josephyballew

    Wish FREQOUT pedal

    I like the Freakout. It beats routing my guitar.
  13. josephyballew

    Amp Model Specific Youtube Tutorials: Is this something you would be interested in?

    Everyone can learn something from someone else. I pull up Axe 3 videos all the time and say to myself at times, I never thought of that. I am sure the designers can learn by their own creations things they did not realize the unit could do, or not in the way it is being done. I watch Leon all...
  14. josephyballew

    Wish 16 scenes and 8 channels

    That is exactly what I do except with 3 presets.
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