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Recent content by jonnyguitarman

  1. jonnyguitarman

    TMA issues with 10.02

    Tried tone match again today- Its back, exactly like it was before. Heres the patch-
  2. jonnyguitarman

    TMA issues with 10.02

    I got the patch saved, you want me post it up tomorrow so you can check it out?
  3. jonnyguitarman

    TMA issues with 10.02

    Reinstalled FW and the new presets and it sorted it.
  4. jonnyguitarman

    TMA issues with 10.02

    Tried- Offline, live, Left, Right, Sum, Feeding it from iTunes, from logic. Tried creating a new patch from scratch, tried old patches where tonematch is fine. Still getting the same results. Bit puzzled........
  5. jonnyguitarman

    TMA issues with 10.02

    Never experienced any issues with tone match before now - this is the result of every tone match i try- any way to fix it?
  6. jonnyguitarman

    Cliff, how about making the old recto model available as well as the new one?

    Not digging the FW10 more accurate re-working of the Rec series (as you said- if you don't like the amp in real life you wont like the reworking). Loved the old Rectifier version in 9.2, it was monstrous. Really miss it, it was everything I thought a Dual Rec could be with a lot of the bad...
  7. jonnyguitarman

    Weird artifact after palm mute

    Try muting the strings behind the nut, you can get some odd overtones that are really prevalent when palm muting. Could be that? Had a problem with my les paul, tried everything, even replaced the nut. Didn't stop it. I used a small piece of the foam you get with EMG pickups under the strings...
  8. jonnyguitarman

    Weird artifact after palm mute

    You tried putting a gate right at the end to clamp down on any noise?
  9. jonnyguitarman

    Axe Fx II doesn't play nice with USB 3.0 (crackling/popping noises)

    Then come up with some drivers that work?
  10. jonnyguitarman

    Slash Use Your Illusion Tone Match

    Yeah, USB. Hence the poor quality
  11. jonnyguitarman

    Slash Use Your Illusion Tone Match

    Here ya go ;) Just be aware its a tone match in 9.2 so will likely sound a bit pants in 10. Its very bright but its pretty close the original lead part in Dont damn me. Did it on a Les Paul Custom with EMGs which is very dark sounding so you'll probably have to back off the top end quite...
  12. jonnyguitarman

    Slash Use Your Illusion Tone Match

    Closest I've got. Not quite there but its on its way..... If anyone wants it I'll post it up :)
  13. jonnyguitarman

    Why The World Needs Mark Day

    +1: Marks patches are awesome
  14. jonnyguitarman

    Maybe I need to reload FW10?

    Yeah, I noticed that. I just went into the amp EQ section & boosted it all in there to bring the volume up a touch. Reloading firmware didn't help
  15. jonnyguitarman

    Silly question fat/brt/sat switching from the front panel

    In 9.2 I always accessed them through the advanced menu...... :/ thanks :)
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