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Recent content by Johnny Guitar

  1. J

    Best speaker for AX8?

    I have no complaints about my Yamaha DBR10.:)
  2. J

    Amps in stereo (physical amps)

    I need to go outside hunting and fishing to feed my family.:gun::knife: And sometimes I bring my amps, too.:)
  3. J

    Amps in stereo (physical amps)

    Yes, and everything seems to go fine at home. But I don't know if playing outside I may have issues.
  4. J

    Amps in stereo (physical amps)

    I guess this question has an easy answer but I don't get it. To avoid ground loops and phase issues in a two amp configuration, something like the Radial Bigshot seems to solve that problem. But if I want to use the stereo outputs of my AX8 straight to the two inputs of the amps, do I need two...
  5. J

    Alan Parsons feat. Jason Mraz

    Thanks for the heads up. Ian Bairnson is, in my opinion, one of the greatest, every solo from him is pure melody. Hope it's involved in the new release.
  6. J

    My new discovered love... Tim Pierce

    When I'm older, I want to be Tim Pierce.
  7. J

    FS Gordius Little Giant 2, MIDI foot controller

    Still waiting for an answer after a week, I think I'll pass.:neutral:
  8. J

    Your Favourite VHS Instructionals

    I lost many videos I had from Curt Mitchell. Apart from VH, he had very good ones about Hendrix, SRV, and many more, they were short and to the point.
  9. J

    Your Favourite VHS Instructionals

    I remember the "Pablo Gilberto" one:D, a couple from Joey Tafolla and Petrucci that I couldn't finish:confused:, and one of my favourites from our forumite Larry Mitchell, many years ago (I remember the patch on his multifx was called Ocasek;)).
  10. J

    recomended small combo amp for AX8?

    I'm using a DV Mark DVC Guitar Friend. It has more than enough volume for live use (I've never needed more than half of its 50 W), good bass response, sounds great and weighs nothing (8 kgs).
  11. J

    Clips for Guitar Techniques magazine

    Beautiful! Any chance you can share or sell that 335 patch? Sounds incredible!
  12. J

    Mini Expression pedal for AX8?

    Like glombi said, for expression pedal just use the TRS output.
  13. J

    Mini Expression pedal for AX8?

    Valeton Surge EP-2: https://www.thomann.de/es/valeton_surge_ep_2_mini.htm A friend of mine modified mine with a footswitch, so now I can use it as my Mission SP-1, wah and volume in one pedal.:)
  14. J

    Is there a mini expression pedal with toe switch?

    I'm looking for something like my Mission SP-1 to control vol and wah on my AX8 (and on my Boss MS-3), but smaller. Seems all the ones I'm looking at, like Dunlop, Valeton, AMT, etc, doesn't have a toe switch, so I must go to a different preset if I want to use the wah. Anyone knows if there's...
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