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Recent content by Joe.Buerger

  1. Joe.Buerger

    Fender American Standard Strat.....Meets Axe-Fx 3

    I have 5 different Fender Stratocasters, pickups in them are True Vintage 65, Tex Mex, Mexican Standard Pickups, Custom Shop 69s, the vintage-voiced pups for the Jimi Hendrix Monterey Strat. I use the 50 Watt Plexi. And sometimes I use a Fender Vibrato Lux. Since I don't have a treble bleed...
  2. Joe.Buerger

    12.08 Reverb "Economy" Mode and CPU

    unless it’s an ambient effect, I messing around with turning my reverb down or off - at church. I get a TON of natural reverb in the room. But that doesn’t translate to Facebook Live, so I’m experimenting how to make it sound good for both
  3. Joe.Buerger

    Wish A Klon-type Drive block

    🤡 :) I will give this a go!
  4. Joe.Buerger

    Preset Picker / Manage Preset <Empty>

    Thanks Chris. That's basically what I do now. Delete the preset, and hit F2 to rename, then hit delete.
  5. Joe.Buerger

    Preset Picker / Manage Preset <Empty>

    Hi all, Is there a way that when I delete a preset it shows nothing (like with AX8 Edit) rather than "<Empty>"? For me, prefer to white space to identify open preset slots rather than <Empty>. It's visually cleaner this way. Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. Joe.Buerger

    Changing default layout when switching presets from external device

    Or what about a default Layout Per Preset. Like in the AX8, on the device itself, you can select what scene is activated when the preset loads. I would love to have this option.
  7. Joe.Buerger

    FC-12 possible backpack and carry on

    @skategeezer did you get this? How does it work?
  8. Joe.Buerger

    FC Features Notes for Firmware 5.07

    Thanks for your patients with me on this, but what is the difference between between Firmware 5.07 and Firmware 1.10. Both are pinned. My FC-12 came with 1.10 and the posting of it has a more current date (Jan 2020) as opposed to 5.07 (May 2019). I'm confused. Thanks in advance.
  9. Joe.Buerger

    Help. Happy AX8 User. Now GAS-ing for an AxeFx III

    I use my Fractal gear (AX8 and AXE-FX III w/FC-12) for praise and worship. Remember that AF3 has a ton more processing power therefore you need to be mindful of how you construct your presets. The AX8 may be staying home from now on. There is just so many nice things about the AF3 with the...
  10. Joe.Buerger

    Moved from AX8 to Axe Fx III...

    ^^ This! I miss the portability of the AX8 but the III is just easy with creating tones
  11. Joe.Buerger

    Moved from AX8 to Axe Fx III...

    I agree! I just got mine Wednesday and I don’t want to go back to AX8. It just sounds better and is seems easier to dial in tones. Took my AX8 to practice Thursday night and was missing III. The new drives are awesome
  12. Joe.Buerger

    Package Deal is on again!!

    I took the plunge and ordered it last night with the FC-12. It says while supplies last. A new version coming?
  13. Joe.Buerger

    DigiTech Drop - Baritone Country Guitar

    Looking forward to your update.
  14. Joe.Buerger

    Brett Garsed with Virgil Arlo pickups and AX8

    That kicks some arse! Great playing and great tone!
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