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Recent content by Joe.Buerger

  1. Joe.Buerger

    BS Bigger Than My Flanger Not Working

    Same here. I lowered the threshold on the Envelope Follower for all 4 channels to -80.0 dB, and nothing. I should also clarify that I deleted the Envelope modifier from the Sequencer Modifier to get it to work. No worries, as this does not impact me at all, I was just interested in why it...
  2. Joe.Buerger

    BS Bigger Than My Flanger Not Working

    Thanks for the helps guys. I got out my MIJ 2001 Ibanez JEM 7VWH with original EVO pickups - the hottest guitar I have. Nothing. Then, I changed the start of the Sequencer modifier to 100%. Still nothing. I delete the modifier and it works. Weird.
  3. Joe.Buerger

    YT Def Leppard

    Sooo... as soon as I saw this, I was asking myself if the next generation of foot controllers (FC-6/FC-12) will be wireless (WFC-12)?
  4. Joe.Buerger

    BS Bigger Than My Flanger Not Working

    Thanks @chris! It was an envelop filter causing it to not work. I removed it and it works now. Thanks for the quick help. BTW, that's be awesome to play Green Tinted 60s Mind with just one note! My teenage self would be jealous.
  5. Joe.Buerger

    BS Bigger Than My Flanger Not Working

    Hi All, I tried importing @bspaulding BS Bigger than My Flanger preset into my Ax-FX III from Axe-Change (link below). I really like the sound of his version in his YouTube video compared to how stock preset sounds. The sequencer isn't working, therefore there is no Adrenaline III effect. Any...
  6. Joe.Buerger

    Collective Soul - Intro Trem/Stutter effect...how?

    There was stock factory preset in the FX8 that did something similar but barebones with just the volume block.
  7. Joe.Buerger

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    I really like the Klone! Having never played one, I didn't think I'd be as impressed as I am. Great job Fractal Team!!!
  8. Joe.Buerger

    AX8 Edit for Monterey

    It worked on my M1 MacBook Pro back in July, November, and December of 2021. Sorry I don't have a more definitive answer.
  9. Joe.Buerger

    Wireless suggestions for FX3?

    I have been using Line6 G50 for Live use since 2014. Never an issue. I bought the G10 for home use because I didn't like how the cable would bend when I sat down. Plus quicker to swap out guitars. However, the G10 has a lot of 2.4Ghz interference at my house (Townhome) that the G50 doesn't...
  10. Joe.Buerger

    What was your first Digital Modeler?

    First: GSP-21 PRO, though I only used it as an Multi Effects unit. Ran it into my Crate G40C, I don't know which one sounded worse Second: POD HD-500, sounded good enough to me for noodling at night with headphones on and kids in bed Third: FX8, I know it's not an amp modeler, but it modeled...
  11. Joe.Buerger

    I made a response to Rhett Shull's video

    Rhett should use the Performance Pages for his tweaks at his gigs. Super easy. I rarely need to make adjustments (unless I didn't come prepared to practice), but if I do, this makes it super easy.
  12. Joe.Buerger

    8.9 MB ...

    What I find interesting is Axe-Edit III.exe is 17.8 MB (when right click, file properties in Explorer) and all it does is control the Axe Fx III (almost twice the size). So, it's not like we are comparing Apples to Apples. With that said, I'm extremely impressed with small file size.
  13. Joe.Buerger

    The CNFB Method

    I thought it was a video category on GuitarHub 🤣
  14. Joe.Buerger

    Axe III Turbo or FM9 for gigging?

    I have an Axe-Fx III with FC-12. I absolutely LOVE it. I also have an AX8. After 2 years with Axe Fx III, I personally find it a pain to pack up, load, unload, and assemble every Saturday and Sunday for church. I ended up moving back to my AX8. Ideally, I'd like to get the FM9 at some...
  15. Joe.Buerger

    Intonation with Axe tuner: Why doesn't it work?

    We need a Heisenberg Compensator
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