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Recent content by Joe.Buerger

  1. Joe.Buerger

    Ares modeling in Axe-Fx 2 vs FM3 (I know Ares for Axe-Fx 3)?

    That’s what I’m thinking. Now if I can find a backpack to carry that and the FC-12.
  2. Joe.Buerger

    Touring preset breakdown

    That is an awesome video. I appreciate you making it and giving us insight as to what it's like being a professional musician.
  3. Joe.Buerger

    Happy to be here!

    Happy to be here!
  4. Joe.Buerger

    Streets with FX8 and VOX AC30HW60th

    Sounds amazing !!!
  5. Joe.Buerger

    Carrying case?

    This (Sam's Club Member's Mark 24" Protective Rolling Case) is a great choice if tour and have other people packing up your rig. I only play at church and this case became too much. It is heave with nothing in it. After a while, the foam came apart and I need to get new foam cut for my gear...
  6. Joe.Buerger

    Ares 1.03 latest release?

    @jon most of the links in your signature are dead. But, I agree with your parametric & blocks statement.
  7. Joe.Buerger

    CPU Usage Chart

    This is awesome! Thanks
  8. Joe.Buerger

    Ruckus great fun

    This!!! I love this amp and pedal combo. The distortion sings. I’ll try your preset tonight
  9. Joe.Buerger

    Anyone Else Checking Regularly for a Post NAMM Fractal Announcement

    The TigerSHARC chip is out of production, which the Axe-FXII is based on. The 450 MHz ADSP-21469s is still in production and per Analog Devices (the manufacturer) it is "Recommended for New Designs." @Pete1959 I agree I will definitely keep my AX8 if a new version comes out. This unit ROCKS!
  10. Joe.Buerger

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    Mini LCDs (scribble strips) are important to me. I play P&W and use a preset per song setup. I use usually scenes: Clean Crunch Lead However, sometimes I use scenes: Intro Verse Chorus Bridge I'm a single dad with a full time job, so this would be nice for me to make playing easier.
  11. Joe.Buerger

    SPICE in real-time

    So tell me what ya want, what ya really really want... Sorry, I couldn’t resist
  12. Joe.Buerger

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    It could only contain a single processor making it a little less costly and not compete with the elder brother
  13. Joe.Buerger

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    IIRC, we get two Sharc (not TigerSHARC) in the AX8. One for amp modeling and one for effects.
  14. Joe.Buerger

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    I Paid $1399.95 for mine 4/27/2016. And I was on a waitlist...that is a good price point for me. I would love an AX8 with (Keystone processors inside)---> Cliff said: "These Keystone processors chew through data like a hot chainsaw through a sorority girl. The Axe-Fx III is a beast. I don't...
  15. Joe.Buerger

    Cool video with cool Larry Mitchell

    I almost posted this last night here too. I looked for it elsewhere on the forum and didn’t see it posted. It doesn’t belong in the AXE-FX III forum as it is about the AX8.
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