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Recent content by jleader

  1. J

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    My confirmation email was 10/14 @ 12:12am and I just received my invite at 2:16pm.
  2. J

    Any Bare Knuckle specialist ?

    I'm guessing your RG is basswood? If so, Tim from BK recommended the Holy Diver set or Holy Diver bridge and Emerald neck as he mentioned they've had a lot of luck with that combination. But definitely shoot them an email at the support address on the site, you'll likely get a response within a...
  3. J

    5 Artists that are you

    The guitarists I've most admired were typically a large part of their band's sound, so: Alex Lifeson and Rush Steve Rothery and Marillion John Petrucci and Dream Theater Dave Gilmour and Pink Floyd Brett Garsed... His first Rock Fusion video is still amazing and my gateway into hybrid...
  4. J

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    I have an Alnico Nailbomb in an alder/maple topped Steinberger that I love... If my understanding is correct, it's voice is similar to the Rebel Yell, but hotter output wise with more bottom. It's fairly versatile, but I'm not after the super tight modern type tones though. I was recommended the...
  5. J

    Fanned frets

    I'll start by saying I'm no expert... But I would think that intonation wouldn't inherently be improved because the math used to space the frets is still the same. You'd just be starting with 2 different overall lengths on your 2 outer strings while the remaining fall in line somewhere in...
  6. J

    Swirl painting a guitar

    Maybe you've already seen these, but there's a builder that was posting videos of swirling to document and share his research, I guess. The YouTube channel is TheBigDGuitars, I think. His results aren't necessarily awesome, but he talks about the paints and such. Here's a link to an "overview"...
  7. J

    Which Parker is this??

    It's been YEARS since I've paid attention to Parkers, but prior to them being bought out by Washburn (or their parent company, I guess), the letters in the serial number of a Fly told you the wood used in the neck and the body wood. B = basswood, MH = mahogany, P = poplar. The earliest models...
  8. J

    Your favorite musicgear buying websites?

    I like using juststrings.com since I need double ball end strings for my Steinberger guitars & no one has them on hand in my area. It's kinda nice to stock up on strings for all of my guitars & picks all in one place. They're usually really quick about shipping as well. As for other gear...
  9. J

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    Yeah... I love my Steinberger and especially the TransTrem. But yeah, setting up the transposing function is kinda tedious. Other than that, it's probably been my favorite feeling trem bridge as it's very smooth feeling.
  10. J

    Captain Phillip's

    Accurate... Inaccurate... I have no idea. But I'll agree that Tom Hanks put in a GREAT performance. There are some extremely tense moments in the movie.
  11. J

    New Dream Theater Album is Up For Streaming.

    I think one thing that might need to be said is that it's not necessarily a yearning for another Images and Words or Awake. At least not for me. I relate to in music (and pretty much everything else in life) in a drastically different way at 39 than when I was 18. Again, for me, there's a...
  12. J

    New Dream Theater Album is Up For Streaming.

    I always REALLY want to like new DT, but I've been having a hard time getting excited about their work ever since Six Degrees. This album has been no different in that regard, and honestly a lot of it, for me, is the keyboards and James's voice. I have nothing but respect and admiration for...
  13. J

    An important life lesson my son taught me...

    That was awesome!! For sure a proud parent moment!
  14. J

    When is the Guthrie Govan CHARVEL guitar gonna emerge????

    I thought the Vigier was just for the fretless, no? I just saw a video (sorry can't remember how or where I came across it, maybe it was a Music Zoo video?) where he was playing a newer prototype like the basswood birdseye maple topped build he had out with Steven Wilson. The standout feature...
  15. J

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    Ah that kinda sucks... My S7G Boden is a great feeling, sounding and playing guitar as well. It had some fretting issues out of the box, but nothing else "wrong" with it exactly, just a lot of little details that (for the price) you shouldn't be finding. That's why I asked about the "attention...
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