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Recent content by jjdpro

  1. J

    Jazz Amps with Tweeters

    I was just reading the current issue of Premier guitar which is highlighting the Henriksen amps.. And, they look like a match made in heaven for Modelers..
  2. J

    Differences from AX8 (Ares? Quantum?) to FM9/Axe FX 3.

    It is always a trade-off. Cooper stated in his video that the FM9 was 50 percent of the power of the Ax III.. I know, we asked for the next floor unit to be a floor version to the Ax3..
  3. J

    Which Xitone active wedge is best?

    So very true!! :)👍
  4. J

    Which Xitone active wedge is best?

    Reporting: I got the 10inch MBrit (Xitone) and wow! What projection and power. It sounds like I'm playing a amp with my trusty old AX-8.. Especially on the Clean amps. I'll be adding another one for stereo. Also, it's very quiet.. And, this baby can get very loud..
  5. J

    Which Xitone active wedge is best?

    Here is a pic of the back of the cab.. Btw: That's Michael Britt playing ( from the band Lonestar) not me :)
  6. J

    Which Xitone active wedge is best?

    I just purchased a 'gently' used Mbritt (Xitones) 1 x10 cab.. Great Great Great !!. Looking to purchase another one for 1600 (true) watts. Many guitars players think that 12 ich speakers work best.. But. I've learned ( 40 years) of playing, that 10-inch speakers is that sweet spot, without the...
  7. J

    favorite pc amp sims?

    I've had some great success using S-Gear.. Just all modelers, you can improve your sound with better cab ir's..
  8. J

    Does playing through an FRFR make you really feel like you gotta amp?

    I did an outdoor event and played thru a Meyersound 212 MJF....WOWW!!! What punch, power, detail..
  9. J

    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    It's not about two amps. It's about having your pedals ready infront of you and more power to run hi-res fx..
  10. J

    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    I didn't by the FM3.. I was one of the loud bunch who was screaming for the FM9 when the FM3 came out..FM9 ..Dream come true!!
  11. J

    Welcome John Mayer

    Welcome JM!🎵🎶🎸
  12. J

    Axe-Fx Tone Imprinting. Guitar Profiler Tone-Match Cloner (Guitar Vault, Season III) ~ SIM1 XT-1

    I'm adding one to my new FM9 pedalboard setup.. If I can have all of the Amp & FX tones under my foot, then why not have all of my fav axes there as well.. #Movingforward #thefuture..
  13. J

    Sell me on dual amps

    hell Yeah!! That's why I love Fractal💯
  14. J

    Sell me on dual amps

    My go touring set was a Fender Twin and Roland JC-120..Best cleans, and when I switched on the JC's chorus, i still had the tight clean of the twin..
  15. J

    FM9 Jr Blues and Dual JPIIC+ Amps Demo

    Sweet Conner!! "As Per Usual" :)
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