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Recent content by Jimmytwotimes

  1. Jimmytwotimes

    I’d like to kill every tree in North America.

    Sounds like someone needs to move to Iceland - little to no trees there...
  2. Jimmytwotimes

    Matrix GT1000FX Amp failure and Customer Support

    I'm with you - I have had a 1000 for over 8 years now and use it every day with zero issues - and sounds great...
  3. Jimmytwotimes

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    Nope - you're not alone - bought a SLO 30 - and just for the fun of it, an Orange Super Crush 100, which actually way exceeded my expectations. I love my Axe fx - but still love amps and pedals too.
  4. Jimmytwotimes

    Matrix GT1000FX Amp failure and Customer Support

    That does suck - I have a GT1000FX that has been used almost every day for 9 years- never had an issue. Sucks you got a lemon and some sketch service.
  5. Jimmytwotimes

    Beato Book Interactive

    I have the Beato book - as others have said - its more of a reference. I don't think teaching is one of his strong points. He's kind of the teacher thats like, " here - just do this - (insert crazy lick or chord progression here) " And I'm like - wtf is he doing ? He doesn't really explain what...
  6. Jimmytwotimes

    Gibson wins lawsuit against Dean over Explorer body shape

    yeah - I really don't understand the shape thing and how you can claim a shape is yours. I'll go back to Paul Reed Smith's quote - I made a mini van, does that mean that no one else can make a minivan? or an SUV? or a car for that matter? Regardless - it definitely leaves a bad taste in my...
  7. Jimmytwotimes

    FRFR for loud Hi Gain tone

    Matrix 1600 power amp - run two 1x12's with EV 12L's. Not really FRFR - but could be based on the EV's very neutral character. The EV's are VERY loud and while not that light - would be lighter than a 2x12 - and they can take, and love high volumes. I have a Xitone as well and its great - but...
  8. Jimmytwotimes

    What's the longest time you've spent learning a song and getting it right?

    Exactly - I like to take one or two difficult measures, put the metronome on slow and work on it that way. Your learning the song and improving a technique.
  9. Jimmytwotimes

    What's the longest time you've spent learning a song and getting it right?

    I had a teacher that told me - " practice does NOT make perfect - PERFECT practice makes perfect..." I still live by those words...
  10. Jimmytwotimes

    And you thought the Oscars were boring!!!

    Chris made a joke - he was hired to make jokes... what are we going to do now - beat up every person that makes a joke about someone else ?? No one can laugh at themselves any more ?? Are we now boycotting comedians ?? And thats the problem these days, everyone just wants to use violence to...
  11. Jimmytwotimes

    Very interesting tone wood experiment

    Ahh - missed the original post - ignore me - sorry !
  12. Jimmytwotimes

    Very interesting tone wood experiment

    First video I have seen of this guy - very interesting experiments on whether tone wood matters. If you haven't seen it, its a good watch.
  13. Jimmytwotimes

    Best automatic Espresso machine?

    I've tried 2 different kinds of fully automatic ones in the past 15 years - the Saeco and Nespresso. Neither one lasted more than 2 years - I went back to a Breville thats not fully automatic and it has lasted almost 10 years and still going strong. Not sure if fully auto ones have improved...
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