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Recent content by Jiffzillla

  1. Jiffzillla

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    Sad indeed. RIP, Ric.
  2. Jiffzillla

    Advice on Custom Guitar Order

    Sorry to hear of the issues with your custom guitar. Hope it can all get resolved smoothly and to your satisfaction. I too am about to pull the trigger on a custom order from a smaller company in the same price range as yours. Out of curiosity (and a little bit of caution lol), who is the...
  3. Jiffzillla

    Ragdoll - Rust

    Hellllllllllll yes!!!!!!! That kills, dude! Top notch everything. Extremely well done!
  4. Jiffzillla

    New Studio Monitors = Mind Blown + Tonal Nirvana

    Congrats on your new monitors! Just did a similar upgrade myself a couple months ago. Went from JBL LSR2328p monitors to Adam Audio S2V monitors. (Still running them with a JBL LSR2810p sub) And yes, they do indeed make a difference! The JBLs were not bad at all, but the Adam monitors are in a...
  5. Jiffzillla

    Blue Mix-Fi Headphones on clearance at Fry's

    Nice! I really like these headphones for use at the studio. Particularly for drum tracking. I’ve got 6 pair, so I must love them. Lol
  6. Jiffzillla

    Back from Afghanistan!

    Welcome home and thank you!
  7. Jiffzillla

    Is there a decent weather app for iOS?

    For current temp and pure entertainment value, WTForecast is fun. Not good for much else, but it’s good for a chuckle and the temperature.
  8. Jiffzillla

    48th Street Custom Guitars

    Looks similar to the ones that Dave played during that era. Although he had a different pickup configuration (HSH) and was outfitted with a Floyd Rose tremolo. Either way, that looks like a nice guitar you’ve got there. I’ve never picked up an ESP that wasn’t a really solid guitar. Even their...
  9. Jiffzillla

    Blue Mix-Fi vs Sadie

    Other than Blue classifying the Sadie as being premium consumer headphones intended for listening pleasure and the Mix-Fi being called studio grade headphones, I don’t see any difference either. Certainly nothing in the specs. Maybe there’s a slight difference in frequency response? I don’t...
  10. Jiffzillla

    48th Street Custom Guitars

    Without a pic, I’m at a little disadvantage. But when you say late 80s ESP Strat, it makes me think of the ESPs that Dave Murray (Iron Maiden) was playing in that era. (He switched from Fender for a bit.) Particularly on the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour in 1988. Is the one you bought like that?
  11. Jiffzillla

    Just in case you needed a reason to pull your hair out...

    Eddie Trunk/Fractal Audio content. Watch at your own peril.
  12. Jiffzillla

    My Own Worst Enemy

    Sounds good! Love me some Lit!
  13. Jiffzillla

    Recording guitars?

    I usually try to get as close as I can to what I think will be the final guitar tone before recording. You’re right about tones that work in the mix not always being an absolute joy to play through though. What I sometimes do is record with a tone that’s fun to play through and gets the juices...
  14. Jiffzillla

    Pro Tools installation question

    If the plugins you purchased since running PT10 are AAX and not RTAS, they will run fine on PT12. Regardless of if the copy of PT10 that you inherited on that laptop is legit or not. (If it’s running without an iLok, it doesn’t sound like it’s legit.)
  15. Jiffzillla

    Clarky plays da blues

    That was thoroughly enjoyable, Clarky! Thanks for sharing! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go see if GeezerJohn will share some of that Texas BBQ.
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