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Recent content by jiagap

  1. jiagap

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    Just ordered the Carvins........ hope they will be a great improvement to tripping over my cable....
  2. jiagap

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I just pulled the trigger on the Carvin....... hoping they will be a great option to me tripping on my cable....
  3. jiagap

    JBL 305P MkII vs KRK Rokit 5 G3

    Studio Monitors question: I am seeing a pretty good cyber price for either the JBL 305P MkII or the KRK Rokit 5 G3 Active Studio Monitors at Pro Audio Star. Any thoughts or advice on which way to go? Or any other options in the <$100 range and link to a cyber Monday or Black Friday
  4. jiagap

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions thus far. At this point I am debating within myself between the Carvin WG5 and the Nux B5RC. I like the simplicity of this format. Any thoughts on the differences? The big one is the 2.4 vs 5.8 operating band. Is that significant either way? Welcome any comments on...
  5. jiagap

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    With Black Friday deals, I am interested in maybe going wireless on my guitar to AX8. Looking at ads, they run from $40 to $200 and probably way beyond that. I would prefer to stay under $100, but that may not be possible for quality. Any recommendations and/or warnings with reasons would be...
  6. jiagap

    New Fractal Products?

    Thanks for the responses. This review pretty much nails where I am at.....
  7. jiagap

    New Fractal Products?

    Hi anyone here, I have an AX8 and have loved it. I have not been on this forum lately mostly cuz my AX8 works fine and yet it is discontinued so the discussion has tapered and I have had it long enough to know how to get around to make it do what I need. I love the fact of everything on one...
  8. jiagap

    Eventide H9 - changing patches with SCENES

    Ha, I got it. Figured out getting the Ch 1 to work. Now the only minor problem is if I plug in patch 42 in the AX8 it brings up 43 in the H9. One off. Surely there is one more simple setting I am missing........ yes?
  9. jiagap

    Eventide H9 - changing patches with SCENES

    I do have the midi cable connected as you ask; do I just need the one cable or do I need a cable to go back to the AX8? And how do I set the same midi channel that I have setup in the per-scene midi switches? In the H9 set up I see "Connect to Eventide Device via MIDI" and "Connect MIDI Device...
  10. jiagap

    Eventide H9 - changing patches with SCENES

    About 3 and half minutes into this very cool and inspiring video: @2112 goes into changing the H9 patches via scenes. However, he does not get into the basic 101 of how to set it up. I have plugged the numbers into the Midi PCs page that he has, but the H9 patch does not change for me like it...
  11. jiagap

    Peavey Stereo Chorus 212

    yes. I used to have a Roland JC-40 but it was too bright and harsh. Wondering if the 212 rather than 210 would help.
  12. jiagap

    Peavey Stereo Chorus 212

    Anyone have any experience using one of these as a stereo solution for your fractal amp modeler? Any thoughts?
  13. jiagap

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    I have one 12" xitone wedge that I like, never bought two, I know you like stereo. But if you ever want to hear it maybe we could get together for another shoot out. I still like my little FBT's but they are only 8" so I wanted an 12" option.
  14. jiagap


    PLEASE DELETE THIS POST. I figured it out
  15. jiagap

    Integrating AX8 with other midi fx (H9)

    Thanks for the responses. I found out the main problem - the FXLoop on the AX8 is also the OUTPUT 2, which I had never used so I had it turned all the way down. I turned it up and surprise it works!!! I am trying to run stereo, and I did figure out how to get to "Killdry" in the H9. I am...
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