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Recent content by jethro

  1. jethro

    Neil Young tone Quest......

    I love Neil Young! The song "no more" is great! As well as Everything else.
  2. jethro

    Install error message code 216

    Disregard, Fixed. You can delete this
  3. jethro

    Install error message code 216

    I'm running Windows 10 32 bit and I get this message Unable to execute file: Create Process failed; code 216 this version of %1 is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computers system information and then contact the software publisher. Anyone have this issue...
  4. jethro

    **Crushing Day** video by The Tone Ninja

    You slayed that! Huge Satch fan!
  5. jethro

    Am I missing something?

    Download a Mark Day preset!
  6. jethro

    Help! Something's wrong with my Axe-Fx III and I can't figure it out. High pitched squeal

    I have had the same problem since I got my first AXE FX III unit. It is so frustrating you have no idea, especially when recording and laying tracks! I will just a buffer size and see if that fixes it. I sure hope it does!
  7. jethro

    Metallica Live

    Not bad but still needs some tweaking.
  8. jethro

    Axe-Fx III versus FM3?

    Not yet. Just loading presets so far. I forget how to set the global output for it. Its at -10 db and needs to be at +4.
  9. jethro

    Axe-Fx III versus FM3?

    I just recieved my 2nd AX FX 3 today and am blown away!
  10. jethro

    Incredible Dream Theater cover by 15 y/o phenomenon Owen Davey

    Amazing talent! How do you get that great gear at 15??
  11. jethro

    Formant Talk Box

    It still is not like a vocal talkbox. Moke did well but at the end of the day its programmed and is nothing like a vocal tube and mike.
  12. jethro

    Formant Talk Box

    Great job on that! What about hooking a mike up with a MXR talkbox. I got it to work but its not right. The levels are so low on the Sm57 its really hard to hear. Any Ideas? You really did an amazing job on that talk box sound. That dive bomb was just like the cd!
  13. jethro

    John Sykes tone with my JP2C

    I wasn't expecting that in the video! Amazing chops, tone and performance! You nailed that on every level!
  14. jethro

    FC-12 stuck in Firmware 1.06 display

    I guess not all XLR cables work. The 3rd one worked fine even though a microphone works on all of them. Awesome!
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