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Recent content by jethro

  1. jethro


    I cant get it to work.
  2. jethro

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    I've been playing with this for the last 3 hours! Absolutely awesome! Love your tones!!!!
  3. jethro

    Double J Jerry Cantrell Signature Amp preset for Axe-Fx III

    I cant get it. It comes up Blank.
  4. jethro

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 3

    The capo makes my volume fade in and out.
  5. jethro

    Firmware 12.08 beta2 great Pitch Block Improvements

    Can we purchase this preset when you have it dialed in?
  6. jethro

    Firmware 12.08 beta2 great Pitch Block Improvements

    Can you elaborate what you were using as far as pedals and settings? Is this patch available?
  7. jethro

    Any other Vigier players?

    Someone should do a video of the fretless guitars. I'd love to hear one.
  8. jethro

    FS RAC 12 and MFC for sale.

    USA only. RAC $100 and the MFC $250 The Rac has a little odd LCD discolor. MFC is like new in the original box.
  9. jethro

    Neil Young tone Quest......

    I love Neil Young! The song "no more" is great! As well as Everything else.
  10. jethro

    Install error message code 216

    Disregard, Fixed. You can delete this
  11. jethro

    Install error message code 216

    I'm running Windows 10 32 bit and I get this message Unable to execute file: Create Process failed; code 216 this version of %1 is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computers system information and then contact the software publisher. Anyone have this issue...
  12. jethro

    **Crushing Day** video by The Tone Ninja

    You slayed that! Huge Satch fan!
  13. jethro

    Am I missing something?

    Download a Mark Day preset!
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