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Recent content by jeremypodom

  1. jeremypodom

    Axe FX II clipping with USB plugged in

    So, just powered up my Axe for the first time in a long while. Updated from FM15 to 17, and tried to use the USB output to play some backing tracks to jam to. However, as soon as I plug the USB into my computer, a rhythmic clipping/popping is introduced into the output. The popping only occurs...
  2. jeremypodom

    Caligula's Horse New album OUT NOW!

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I've been enjoying your first album from the time it was released. When the second one was released I was totally broke but finally just now had $8 to spend on whatever XD so I'm jamming to it now. I had avoided listening to it before now because I knew I'd...
  3. jeremypodom

    Cliff & Crew, have you contacted Redwirez about UltraRes™?

    I am resurrecting this thread because it needs to happen.
  4. jeremypodom

    Zexcoil Pickups

    I put the signature set in my strat a couple years ago. It's the best tonal decision I've ever made.
  5. jeremypodom

    Animals As Leaders - Tempting Time cover

    I never could understand why Tosin would throw in a line that is absolutely shred-tastic and then a part that takes 1-2 minutes of the song that is kind of awesome but really just super repetitive.... all in all, though, I LOVE ALA. Amazing job. Did you have to adapt this song to a 7 string or...
  6. jeremypodom

    Cliff & Crew, have you contacted Redwirez about UltraRes™?

    I bought the OH package and I think I'm turning a little obsessed with collecting IR's. If they offered a package of ultra res for a similar deal to their big box package I'd make the jump for it. That being said, I don't appreciate this joke at all. I'm normally not easily offended at all but...
  7. jeremypodom

    Guthrie Govan is the best guitar player alive today

    I believe Guthrie to be the most technically talented and versatile guitarist alive right now. He makes #1 on my list as well. However, if we narrow the fields down to the masters of each respective genre, I'd say Tommy Emmanuel has Guthrie outmatched. I know that's an apples to oranges...
  8. jeremypodom

    Which recording software ?

    If you decide to go beyond free then Logic Pro is a phenomenal program with the best price out of the major DAW competitors
  9. jeremypodom

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 13.02 Released

    Super excited to try this out in a few days (sigh). Honestly I'm a bit shocked that there's never been power tube options before now. Better late than never, though!
  10. jeremypodom

    Anyone notice the new welcome page?

    How about a release on January 13 of '14?
  11. jeremypodom

    R.I.P Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    It's a perfectly reasonable time to die if you're doing something as idiotic as heroin, IMO. I hear he left behind three kids under the age of ten... if anything, people should feel sad for them. Or maybe they're better off without a heroin addict for a father.
  12. jeremypodom

    When is Axe Edit going to get it's functions back?

    The saving to new location was moved to a new place from what I remember. Probably the source of my misinformation. Thanks!
  13. jeremypodom

    When is Axe Edit going to get it's functions back?

    I miss exporting presets to new slots, axe manage, global blocks, etc.... I would honestly find these more useful than an axe fx software update. Just curious for any specifics from those less ignorant than myself.
  14. jeremypodom

    I constantly feel like I'm guessing with my Axe FX II

    I don't have time to sit and read five pages with very long responses on all, but I'm just now beginning to make educated and useful tweaks on presets and I've had mine for the better part of 8 months. The learning curve for me was to pick an amp and a cab outright without starting on any preset...
  15. jeremypodom

    Super-Vee Strat Tremolo

    Girlfriend got me a bladerunner for Christmas. The smooth, frictionless bends are amazing. I never thought the traditional trem was "rough" but now I know better. Kind of like switching from nickel to SS frets. Also, tuning stability is top notch now. Last thing is that the trem arm is...
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