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Recent content by jem395

  1. J

    Funk me off (all guitar parts with Axe-fxii)

    no problem...suspected it wasn't AXE FX.....still a great tune. thanks
  2. J

    Funk me off (all guitar parts with Axe-fxii)

    This is great!! Did you use the Axe FX for the bass as well? Can you share the patch??
  3. J

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    I just downloaded and have been trying this out. I have the same problem as knjawefx2. When your on the Axechange or Axechange Cabs tab if you scroll down using the scroll bar on the right (or using the mouse wheel to scroll down) if you scroll beyond the first page when you click on the patch...
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