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Recent content by jefferski

  1. jefferski

    Wish Axe Edit: A Way To Order Amps Alphabetically In Amp Picker

    Agreed. I remember a few years ago there was a discussion about the order too. The thing for me is that it would make for an easier workflow when you want to compare how similar amps sound if they're close to each other in order... i.e. how does the Twin sound compared to a Princeton or a...
  2. jefferski

    Wish Axe Edit: A Way To Order Amps Alphabetically In Amp Picker

    Yea... and there's also JMPre and JS410. And then there's the Fenders scattered all around as well.
  3. jefferski

    Wish 16 scenes

    Agreed with both of those. If there were more scenes, I'd rather be able to get at them directly. Having two "banks" of scenes doesn't seem useful to me, but I guess it's kind of like the way Views are used on the FCs... I can't see myself ever needing more than 8 scenes, but I don't play...
  4. jefferski

    Wish Naming Channels

    Yep, another long-time request, and +1. Would be so helpful to know what you set up and see it on the FC.
  5. jefferski

    Layout Factory FM9

    Why don't you just create the layouts you want on your FM3/FC6? Or take your OMG9 and edit it so it's set up just like FM9 I don't think they're compatible between devices (?)
  6. jefferski

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    And Pisces would be a very swimmy reverb, awash in flows of liquid scales...
  7. jefferski

    Implemented "Uglier" compressor algorithms

    +1 for the Ross.
  8. jefferski

    Fender's new models for 2021

    Yea, the Ultras do look nice, but I'm with you... at that price I'd be looking at TA or Suhr.
  9. jefferski

    Fender's new models for 2021

    That's why I said "different... pickups" ;-)
  10. jefferski

    Fender's new models for 2021

    Or conversely, a Nashville Tele. Is it really a Tele w/out being able to do neck/bridge? Or is it really a Strat w/ a different body and pickups?
  11. jefferski

    So what's the deal with 24 fret guitars

    I have one PRS SE w/ 24 frets that I got for a couple of songs where I needed that high E, as others have mentioned. But I generally prefer the fatter tone of the neck pup on 22s.
  12. jefferski

    Ticketing Software

    I built a website on Wix for a client who sells tix to her events (not music-related but same idea) so I know you can do it there. IIRC it links to her Paypal and she can refund in the event of weather since they're outdoors. Most also can connect to Stripe, Square, Venmo, credit cards, etc...
  13. jefferski

    Only one pitch block...Very Disappointed

    That's the main use I think of.
  14. jefferski

    Garcia / Dead Preset for FM3

    Yea, I was watching that too. Now that's a first world problem! ;-)
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