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Recent content by jefferski

  1. jefferski

    Guitar is more stable sitting down

    This. That way it won't slide off your lap or fall over when you take your hands off to dial in your AxeFx or do something on the computer ;-)
  2. jefferski

    NGD - Charvel

    I've been thinking about some sort of inexpensive Tele for a while now; leaning towards either a Nashville so I can get the 5-way tones, or a G&L ASAT (because they're probably much better than a Fender at that price ;-) ... but this looks sweet. I generally prefer 3 pups but with the options...
  3. jefferski

    Will the Steelers go undefeated?

    My wife hopes so. I do not ;-) Steelers-Chiefs for the AFC title would be a great game either way. They've got 4 games remaining against good teams so it could be tough. (did I just say the Browns are a good team??!!!!??)
  4. jefferski

    Real or fake?

    The perspective and having a rug, a blanket, and a floor behind it makes it look kind of odd. I never understand the people who take pictures of their guitars w/ backgrounds that make it hard to see the guitar, outdoors, by the pool, too dark, etc... aren't you trying to make it look as good...
  5. jefferski

    I have a guitar problem.

    Nope, that's just when you learn to look covertly ;-)
  6. jefferski

    Hi gain only?

    Same for me.
  7. jefferski

    Wish "Classic" Ring Mod Pitch Detection Option

    +1 Love the Ring Mod for getting funky.
  8. jefferski

    Trey Anastasio Beacon Jams

    Damn... I streamed in for a few songs up thru Curlew's but then went down to hang out w/ my wife... Hood and Lifeboy were next ;-(
  9. jefferski

    Biggest Axe-Fx III surprise?

    I ran two of those with a feedback loop and it was out of this world...
  10. jefferski

    FM3 Status Update

    Thanks for taking one for the team! ;-)
  11. jefferski

    Best Guitarist of all times

    OP didn't even answer his own question... "who is THE best?" >> "Slash is ONE OF the best" -- just sayin' ;-) It's impossible to answer beyond saying who's your favorite. Guitar is not the 100 meter dash or the Super Bowl. Lol. Steve Howe is possibly my favorite guitarist of all, but I'd...
  12. jefferski

    My wife passed away today

    Rodz, I am so sorry for your loss.
  13. jefferski

    What Is The "VOX" Sound?

    If I had to pick one amp it would be a Vox for all the reasons he talks about. (or maybe the Morgan ;-)
  14. jefferski

    Dealing with scenes?

    Yep. Most people don't read manuals, FAQs, or even search the forum. Our current culture is "just ask a question." So it keeps coming up here over and over. And the fact that you can adjust parameters using Scene Controllers means that a lot of people have heard/read or seen in a video...
  15. jefferski

    Why Fractal is good for my sanity... and my wallet.

    I've always been into versatility. Most of my guitars have mods to get more sounds; I've used various modelers since way back. I like things to sound authentic, but I've only played a handful of amps/cabs/pedals enough to really know how they should sound. So when I heard about the AFX (from...
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