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Recent content by Jaz1956

  1. Jaz1956

    Advice for: Axe freezing and needing restart

    Hi BWB - I've had this happen in the past and it was nothing to do with heat/ventilation or even Firmware updates. It would happen randomly at different gigs or rehearsal studios and the problem was always dodgy mains supplies. I now run the AxeFX (and a laptop for adjustments via Axe Edit) via...
  2. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Patience Fellow Fractallers!! I don't know if you've noticed but a load of the recent FW updates have appeared on a SUNDAY so it's either this w/e or next that Q7 will land and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
  3. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.01 Firmware Released

    Like this wee guy (*_*)
  4. Jaz1956

    Noobie Question

    Or you could use "scenes". Sort your tone and volume in Scene 1 then for your solo move to Scene 2 and without changing anything apart from raising the Output volume for that Scene - easy:)
  5. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.01 Firmware Released

    Mòran taing a-rithist gu na h-uile aig Fractal airson as ùire FW
  6. Jaz1956

    Remove Legacy Version Option from Firmware - Mark l/Mark ll

    Onwards and Upwards guys - the latest modelling is the thing to have if it's more accurate and like the real thing - no question!! I'd honestly be happy with 10 realistic Amps and Cabs that sound as close to their namesakes as possible plus all the wonderful effects that are available in this...
  7. Jaz1956

    Just ordered a Furman P-1800 AR for my AxeFx...overkill?

    Hi SB - you're right to protect your AXE from the nasties that may appear down the power supply! The AXE is an expensive computer basically and needs all the protection it can get especially if moving it from gig to gig or rehearsal rooms etc. I've had mine freeze up and had to reboot several...
  8. Jaz1956

    Pick the real amp...

    All the examples are very good and the Axe is incredible. I have waited patiently for a subtle change to the attack to become a little softer, squishier in a way. It's so damn close though it's not something I would be complaining about, I just thought I should share my own personal findings...
  9. Jaz1956

    Things to check before buying axe

    Hi there - I hope it all works out for you - you will love the AxeFX, no doubts about it. It's just so versatile and all that you need is in one box. The thing to remember though is that this box is a computer and probably the most expensive computer most folks will ever buy! So if you have...
  10. Jaz1956

    making clean amps dirty

    Great stuff Clarky! I'm guessing that you're cranking Power Amp supply sag and maybe doing a bit of transformer mismatch here. Nice to get back to the basics and get great tones THEN maybe add effects etc for different songs. Kinda reminds me of Bernie Marsden .... Player + nice old guitar +...
  11. Jaz1956

    Axe FX backup EEPROM chip

    Hi all - was watching the Forum recently and Jason mentioned that he'd accidentally messed up an update by switching off the power too soon and that he was ordering an emergency backup EEPROM chip from Fractal to get his Axe going again. Now I know that the XL and XL+ have these built in so I...
  12. Jaz1956

    Your rack

    Hi Joe - 20in deep will let you mount a power amp in there if that's your plan:) Don't know how many Units high you need but Axe + a 1U power amp is the minimum for a nice powered rig. I use a 4U and the Laptop on a 1U sliding tray has been replaced by a UPS now. Shock-mount stuff is nice but...
  13. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx in your circle...

    Well... I'm in West Scotland UK and I've never met any other players with an Axe FX or Kemper etc but the dreaded Line6 are out around here! I suppose they're one small (low quality) step away from being gear Dinosaurs!! I've been playing over a span of 47 years now and back in the dark old...
  14. Jaz1956

    Nooooooo!! Flashing lights of death have struck....

    So for Mk1 or Mk2 users without the pre-installed backup EEPROM is there a spare socket in there to add one? Nerver had to open my Axe:)
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