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Recent content by Javilynch

  1. Javilynch

    Hi! Can you help us?….

    It´s like a pre - purchase of the record, when you collaborate buying the record, you are help us to edit it. I´m working in a english version. Crowdfunding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thanks.
  2. Javilynch

    Hi! Can you help us?….

    Hi everybody,Many of you asked me how to get our record from my new band a few month ago. We already have started a crowdfunding campaigne.You can contribute clicking this link, we also have digital downloading, cds and vinil records.We don't know If we'll rich our goal, but we have to try and...
  3. Javilynch


    Haha! Bruce, I´m your father.... :lol
  4. Javilynch


    Thank you mates!
  5. Javilynch


    Hello friends! long time without showing up here! I recorded a jam with two friends, great guitar players!! I used V12 plexi jump.. love this sim! Hope you like! Cheers!
  6. Javilynch

    Anyone using a Valve Poweramp?

    Roktron velocity valve Tube Power amp, P.A sim off. I tested all SS solutions , none comes close to the sound of a good tube power amp.
  7. Javilynch

    Combo amp for power amp only

    Cornford RH50!
  8. Javilynch

    Brian May

  9. Javilynch

    Cornford RH50 preamp...vs Axe fx preamp ....

    AMAZING! No tone match, only a little tweaking ....
  10. Javilynch

    I have a New track

    Thank you all !
  11. Javilynch

    which is the real thing?

    Cry Baby!
  12. Javilynch

    which is the real thing?

    1,4 & 5 is the Axe. ( Not Tweaked, just the sim loaded )
  13. Javilynch

    which is the real thing?

  14. Javilynch

    Firmware Version 10.10 Now Available

    Thank you !!
  15. Javilynch

    I have a New track

    Thank you for the well wishes ! I appreciate it :encouragement:
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