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Recent content by javier

  1. javier

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack for AX8 Release

    Thanks for the response. I understand and also know that you own an xl and ax8. Amazing work indeed. Now I sound much better. That is the very important thing.
  2. javier

    Wish Axe fx III

    AX4. floor pedal with 4 foot switches, and 2 global foot switches. 9x6 inches.
  3. javier

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack for AX8 Release

    I have just bought bundles for mark II and AX8. As everyone said sound awesome. Being a fractal user since 2012, five years now, my presets sounds crap compared with this pro bundle. My compliments. But allow me only a little complain: I got surprised when I found that parameter settings in...
  4. javier

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Class-A 30W (Vox AC-30)

    I have a doubt about the AC-30 model. Model Class A 30W TB default value for low cut is at 482Hz (AX8 firmware 8.00 beta). Is that OK specifically to emulate the real thing? But the model Class A 30W low cut is at 10Hz (the standard default value for nearly every amp).
  5. javier

    For those with both AXE FX II XL and AX-8....

    Ax8 for rehearsal and small gigs, No doubt. Axe fx for studio and recording. I own both. For big concerts i still use my tube amps plus ax8...marshall and laney all the way.
  6. javier

    Wish Revisit the Cab Block

    Thakyou. It,s true. Now I have cablab and plenty of cabs packs. i am learning about mic freq response; testing and mixing different mics and cabs ir. Result is awesome, but work is really too much; also I am not a very good sound technique. I need about two to four hours to configure cabs for...
  7. javier

    Wish Revisit the Cab Block

    AMP algorithm is very, very high standing. Six sigma quality... surely on a one by one amp parameter checking there is something to improve. Anyway, you Fractal will always surprise us with new enhancements (or even new breakthroughs/epiphanies) in the AMP Block. But, as many have said, IR is...
  8. javier

    Wish Multichannel AMP Block

    In an object oriented programing world some sort of inheritance should help. Given the Amp block, the multichannel AMP block can inherit all its behaviour and add the posibility of having three slots more for basic and key parameters that mark the difference for each channel. But i think that...
  9. javier

    Patches sound weak after upgrade to 7.01

    I had to reset cabs also in some prests. Mainly user presets.
  10. javier

    Wish Multichannel AMP Block

    Sorry, Moke. I missed your thread. My apologies. I know you are one of the bigger quality preset developers...your opinion and talent are much worthier than mine. Reading Chris comment, having a multichannel AMP block looks like a hard job to be done, given the current state of the arts in AX...
  11. javier

    Wish Multichannel AMP Block

    Today we can configure two AMP Blocks in AXE FX, and one in AX8; applying X/Y, 4 or 2 channels can be achieved; restrictions are scenes latency gap between two different AMPs and sharing the same basic parameters between scenes. I would be cool having a multichannel AMP Block with the ability...
  12. javier

    Will the AX8 eventually get the advanced cab parameters?

    Hope it will fit; I also asume that is a matter of DSP power, not memory; but I know nothing, ...
  13. javier

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.03 Firmware Released

    I use Pitch learn, Gabacho.
  14. javier

    AX8 V4.00 Release

    When I Import a preset-cab bundle, I have lost the ability to save the Cab from Scratchpad to a user Slot. AX8(-Edit no longer ask me for a place to save de Cab... it remains in the scratchpad and get lost when I turn off and on again the AX8. This happened with Danny Danzi EVH preset.
  15. javier

    Audio gap when switching presets

    About amp level controller, it is not posible in last firmware version. But i have seen one fremem preset with amp level modifier asigned to a scene controller. So i think that older versions permited this, but last do not. Is it a bug?
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