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Recent content by jasonmauer

  1. jasonmauer

    Has anyone done a MkII vs Turbo comparison yet?

    He said the preset went down by 13% -- but if he's referring to the CPU utilization displayed, that percentage is not the same as the overall performance gain. If the preset originally used up 50% of the CPU and was reduced to 37%, that 13% drop is actually a 26% performance improvement...
  2. jasonmauer

    Has anyone done a MkII vs Turbo comparison yet?

    First, the Turbo CPUs are not "overclocked" -- it's a new & improved model of the CPU that's clocked faster by the manufacturer, not by Fractal. Since this is live audio processing, when we're talking about CPU load, we're also talking about speed -- it's the amount of work the CPU can...
  3. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    I don't know why incoming PCs are disabled at this point. I have tried it without that set and it didn't seem to make a difference, but it's worth checking again since there may have been something else funky going on. I'm cutting everything out of my MIDI chain except the MMGT and AxeFx to...
  4. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    Good to know, thanks. I edited my message after that but wasn't real clear since I wrote it at like 4 in the morning -- I was able to confirm the AxeFx isn't generating the duplicate data. The extra SysEx messages are coming via the input from the Mastermind (before the AxeFx), which I was I...
  5. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    @FractalAudio -- Just tested this out and snagged some logs with MIDI-OX. It looks like the issue is that the MkII Turbo is sending the SysEx response to both MIDI Out and Thru ports, instead of just the MIDI Out port as expected. (In my rig, I have MIDI Out and Thru merged together going back...
  6. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    I believe the issue is specifically with the Turbo version.
  7. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    I recently upgraded my guitar rigs by replacing my AxeFx III mk1 units with mk2 Turbos. I've run into an issue when using the new Turbo units with my Mastermind GT controller. When doing the Get Preset Names operation from the controller to load the AxeFx preset/scene names into the MMGT, both...
  8. jasonmauer

    Who else is upgrading to Axe-FX III TURBO? :-)

    Twin Turbo here -- replacing both of my mk1 units for my birthday this week. Scheduled to arrive tomorrow!
  9. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta 4

    They would definitely overlap if not hard-panned left/right (+-100%), yes.
  10. jasonmauer


    And where is that internal metadata stored? There isn't any additional memory available. This approach mixes different types of IRs in a single bank, which means instead of doing a one-time conversion of presets/banks at firmware update time, the Axe-FX now has to check this stuff at runtime...
  11. jasonmauer


    Considering Cliff already stated there's only one way to do this, which is to replace one whole user bank, it's probably moot at this point... but I don't think the two half-bank approach is a good idea as we'd then have to deal with user cab banks of varying sizes. What happens when loading a...
  12. jasonmauer

    Soundclips for reference purpose

    How about also including raw recordings of the guitar parts, so people could reamp them into their own rigs? Could help with troubleshooting people's setups.
  13. jasonmauer

    AES to my X32?

    The easiest way to run it would be to go with the analog outs into the X32. There isn't a direct way to go from AES/EBU on the AxeFX to the X32; AES50 isn't compatible with that (neither the protocol nor the physical connectors), and I don't think any of the X32s have AES/EBU inputs. If you...
  14. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Factory Presets - Bank A Preview

    Had my weekly rehearsal with my band tonight -- dialed through several of the presets as we jammed. It's like being a kid in a candy store, but the candy is amps. Really just a stellar job with these presets. Dweezil's Bassman, the jumped Tweed, Budda... so many goodies in there. Bravo! Thanks...
  15. jasonmauer


    Big Hair and Tube Pre are also FAS originals, entitled to their very own FAS prefixes by birthright!
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