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Recent content by jarabuandi

  1. J

    Marshall TV Greenback IR's

    You're a legend mate!:)🤘
  2. J

    Coronavirus "Free" Preset

    Grazie Andrea...e mi auguro che tu e tutta la tua familia stiate bene! Forza Italia...ne usciremo più forti!
  3. J

    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Perfetto :)
  4. J

    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Assolutamente interessato...fuso orario permettendo :)
  5. J

    Mr. Crowley Guitar Solo (2017)

    Grande come sempre👏👏👏👏!
  6. J

    Happy Birthday Cliff

    Late to the party for us aussies??? Happy birthday mate...my guess 25? :cool:
  7. J

    Syx files

    What @Joe Bfstplk said.No such thing as "my Windows dont like syx files", mate. ;)
  8. J

    Axe Édit trouble ......

    Hi @fafakiwi. What's the Mac OS? No issues here with my Mac (OS Catalina) and Ares 2. Seems strange to me?
  9. J

    Some free WGS IR's

    Thanks @Hellbat 👍 :)
  10. J

    Some free WGS IR's

    Hi Leon @2112, sorry to bother you. Any change you have the LT TV Mix 2.syx cab in .wav format?
  11. J

    Dio - "Killing The Dragon" FULL COVER w/vocals

    Grande @Andrea Maccianti come sempre!!!! Sono un grande Fan the DIO...Che voce 👍👍👍👍👍
  12. J

    Help with the volume of the presets

    @migueledge, mate I thinK you're complicating things for yourself. Use the VU as @Colorado Axeman said. I actually thing it's @Chris's video (helped me big time, thanks Chris) Make sure your sound is around the 0 DB mark (not sure why you're so locked-in the -10DB thing?). Once this is done...
  13. J

    Stage Gear Question

    I'm using the 'On-Stage Stands Pro Tiltback Amp Stand RS7705' to keep a 4+2 U Rack on it w/o issues
  14. J

    Axe-Fx II Beta USB Driver for Mac OS X Catalina

    I didn't notice that. I've used it today and preset changes seems to be working w/o any lag.
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