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Recent content by Japster

  1. Japster

    FM3: G66 availability?

    Also they have some B-Stock FM3s Just snagged one! :p
  2. Japster

    Andrew Hunt and Matrix FR10/FR12

    I have 2 FR12s Yes the hiss is noticeable if you turn the FR12 volume control up high Although if you keep it lower and boost the output from your AxeFX then it's easy to manage at low volumes Obviously heavier than the passives but still a one handed lift
  3. Japster

    axe fx 3 in europe?

    What happens after Brexit? Will we have a Direct Fractal Trade deal with the US? :p
  4. Japster

    Am I being unreasonable?

    Hi, My MCF-101 MK1 power supply broke ages ago so I've been using a Line6 power supply I had left over from my POD2 days for the last 5 years or so. Works fine, if I remember correctly the MFC-101 needs 9v AC, not at home at the moment so can't check. I also retrofitted an ethercon socket to...
  5. Japster

    Wish Light blue for neutral state of all switches!

    I like the idea of making yellow from Red&Green But putting both LEDs on at the same time would double the light intensity unless the ability to dim is also there I think Plus can the power over Ethernet cable cope with the extra demand if all LEDs could be potentially lit?
  6. Japster

    Help: Think my Axe 2 Mark 1 has just bricked

    Xrist04 Thanks for that, looks like it was 2 corrupt presets. Followed your instructions and wiped them both out. Now it seems stable again Cheers
  7. Japster

    Help: Think my Axe 2 Mark 1 has just bricked

    Unix-guy You are a lifesaver, held down Enter whilst booting and it's back :D There is still a problem though, think it's a corrupt preset 106. This is the place it froze initially, every time I go past it it freezes. I'm re-applying 9.00 and see how it goes. Thanks again
  8. Japster

    Help: Think my Axe 2 Mark 1 has just bricked

    Yes made a backup but my computer can't see it anymore to be able to rollback the firmware
  9. Japster

    Help: Think my Axe 2 Mark 1 has just bricked

    Just upgraded to Quantum 9.01 beta Was running some batch updates via fractool when it froze, so I rebooted then got the screens attached. It seems to cycle through some different lights every few setting but goes no further. Is there any hope?
  10. Japster

    Why no secret sauce in the back?

    Hmmm, I've actually got my Line6 G75 going into the front, which is a pain as I've had to drill a hole in my rack case and make a custom angled lead which obstructs my Out 2 level control. So would my wireless system run at line level output? Edit: Actually its a XD-V75 Receiver which is...
  11. Japster

    Scenes question

    MFC-Edit is a must for setting up sets! I have added or changed the odd song through the switches but I've also screwed things up doing it this way :D
  12. Japster

    Scenes question

    I also use this on my MFC-101 Mk1, to get around the preset limit you can also use Sets to group Presets into usable groups which you step through using Preset Up/Down. From memory I think you can have 10 Sets, containing 50 Presets each.
  13. Japster

    Are there different installers for 32bit and 64bit Windows?

    I've raised a support ticket and it's being looked into
  14. Japster

    Are there different installers for 32bit and 64bit Windows?

    Hi, I've moved my MFC-EDIT to an older laptop that runs 32bit Windows 10 1607build, due to the scaling limitations on my Surface Pro 4. When I try running an update to the latest version I get this error message:- I'm currently running MFC-EDIT V 7.00 build# 3.898 Can you assist me with...
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