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Recent content by JamesBWood

  1. JamesBWood

    The CNFB Method

    Wow. I sense a firmware update in the making...
  2. JamesBWood

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.03

  3. JamesBWood

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.01

    Wow - that was FASt!!!
  4. JamesBWood

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    Cool! Thanks, Cliff. Is there an Axe-Edit update?
  5. JamesBWood

    Poll: MK1 owners, 1024 User 2 cab slots or 32 FullRes cab slots?

    Option 3 - none of the above. The IR difference is irrelevant for live performances. I could really go for Output 3 cloning Output 1 though,
  6. JamesBWood

    Wish Set Lists

    It's been on the table for years now. The goalposts keep moving. Out of sight is out of mind. YMMV.
  7. JamesBWood

    Wish Set Lists

    Congrats on the FM9! Bet that new product would be even more awesome with set list capability. :) Oddly the existing set list topic was closed, hence the restart.
  8. JamesBWood

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    I too, use different sounds for each section in a song. However, I rarely use more than 5 scenes per song (Hotel California w/ guitar harmonies uses all 8). I can't imagine having to select a different preset (and scene?) in the midst of playing and singing (segues notwithstanding). What...
  9. JamesBWood

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    So - you guys don't use scenes? o_O I can't imagine you're currently using your Fractals in the manner described - and if you are, please send video of a live performance. The world need more tap-dancing guitarist vids (if only to counter the cute cat videos). :) But then again, maybe...
  10. JamesBWood

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    A song is a preset, a set list is the entire collection of songs for a show. Sections? Sets within the set list? This doesn't need to be complicated - you need a layout to put your fractal in (or out of) set list mode and to select which set list. From there you should be able to use...
  11. JamesBWood

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    It's a linked list of presets. Fractal already uses linked lists for other features. Let's not make more of it than need be. How many? 0-99 sounds good. Add a feature to Axe-Edit to create and organize, and a set list layout for the FC's. Not all that different from AFX2 - if anything...
  12. JamesBWood

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    I am. Every weekend through December. I play in two bands regularly (sometimes overlapping songs) and have more songs in each band than we normally play per show. So the ability to generate set lists is essential. It avoids the constant shuffling of presets - or worse, duplication of...
  13. JamesBWood

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.05

    Working on a (holiday) Saturday? Me too!!! :) Thanks, Cliff!
  14. JamesBWood

    Wish Block Insertion Improvement

    +1, right after Set Lists. :)
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