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Recent content by Jack Napalm

  1. Jack Napalm

    Wish Songs: sets of scenes

    Any news on this?
  2. Jack Napalm

    Is a tablet touchscreen a good editor without kb/mouse?

    I had a Surface a few years ago and tried Axe-Edit with it. Didn't like the Surface at all. Horrible for editing. Got rid of the Surface.
  3. Jack Napalm

    Talk me into purchase

    You can tell the difference. Don't wait. If you have had an XL for that long you know the life of these machines. The last update isn't that old. Stop being a sissy and just buy it.
  4. Jack Napalm

    FC-6 Main Display Blank

    Check, double check, and triple check your cable. Make sure you are on the latest firmware, axe and fc.
  5. Jack Napalm

    2 guitarist 1 axe 3 , 2 FC 6

    The cool thing with scenes and an FC is that either guitarist, the one closest to the controller, can change the scene at the right time. Even more powerful with 2 FC's. Setup your preset with scene 1 (verse/rhythm), scene 2 (solo), scene 3 (chorus). Each guitar can have a fully independent...
  6. Jack Napalm

    2 guitarist 1 axe 3 , 2 FC 6

    Depends on how much flexibility you want. It can do more in this config than anything else out there. Still, someone will come along and whine it doesn't do everything. You can setup a preset and assign all 1's to one FC for easy on/off of effects, all 2's to the other FC. You basically...
  7. Jack Napalm

    Puzzle me this Batman - USED FC-12 insane price at GC - LOL

    Its not like you don't get 6 months to pay for it.
  8. Jack Napalm

    Delay Block Update

    This thread is worthless without clips. :D
  9. Jack Napalm

    two guitars input at once

    Post your patch
  10. Jack Napalm

    What Thickness for HDPE pedalboard

    The width with three pedals seems like it would bend some at 1/2". I would go 3/4. Much more stable, at the very least 5/8. I have a 2x4x3/4 sheet of HDPE and I know it would be stable.
  11. Jack Napalm

    Fixed Axe Edit III - Can't drag to second monitor on Mac?

    No problem here. I moved my second display to the top. I'm on 10.15.7 and latest Axe-Edit
  12. Jack Napalm

    Setting up Volume pedal in per preset mode

    If you have it connected to an FC then you need to select the FC controller and pedal input. Something like FC 1 Pedal 1, not the External X entries.
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