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Recent content by ivanhoe

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    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v2.0 UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE

    Same here, i purchased and loved the Axe-Fx II class many years ago, purchased this one because I assumed (based on other comments in the thread) I would also be able to download and watch offline. Definitely looking forward to being able to watch this once downloaded.
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    Mastermind LT

    How are things working for everyone else since updating the LT to firmware 4.1.1, I have some odd behavior. One consistent thing for example i have buttons (1-4) assigned to different scenes. If i press button 3 the scene will immediately change to the correctly assigned one. If i they press...
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    Anyone using a piezo-equipped guitar? What amp model?

    Similar to what Chris said no amp. I do occasionally use an IR, I have some old acoustic ones from axe change and created a bunch from my Fishman Aura pedal so I would not need to carry it around.
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    RJM Mastermind GT/22 Compatibility?

    Like Yek mentioned above single cable for me on the 2 only works with the phantom power box. In that case it is still two 5 pin midi cables between the box and the axe and one 7 pin to the GT.
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    Recording two digital tracks at once for reamping later?

    Not sure what you mean exactly by "digital outs", however, you can record two separate DI tracks at once for each. This means you can plug one guitar into input one and one guitar into input two and using USB (or other method) record the DI track from both. I personally do this with a guitar...
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    Wish Midi clock master / sync functionality

    I think the bigger issue is it does not do midi clock sync, which is something i want. Currently while the tempo will match the beats will fall out of sync with my various outboard devices. If this request gets things to sync up I am for it.
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    What’s your favorite new feature of the III?

    It's between three things for me. 1. CPU - my previous presets on 2 XL were all hovering around 90% and that is without high quality reverb and amps. Now functionally similar presets with everything at it's highest is around 60. USB reamping is so much more convenient than spdif which I did...
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    [Linux folk] Disappearing mouse cursor

    I have same issues in edit with my fx III, no workaround yet. However I never had this issue with my xl+ when using axe edit in Linux.
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    Rear input combo stereo jacks

    In the global I/O menu for each input you can set which is used it can be Left / Right or Both (Stereo). So you should be able to plug both into a patchbay and choose the usage in I/O menu.
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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    You don't get sent one, log into your account and view your order. The tracking number will be visible above the details.
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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I got my confirmation Jan 30th and have not received an invite so I am assuming this was just a typo on hist part.
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    "Skipp the wait-list price"?

    Speaking as someone way down on the wait list, i think it is great, anything that discourages people from buying with some intent of reselling.
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    My Main Gig Preset - Axe-Fx III [Video]

    Great video but why use input #3? Instead of input 2?
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    FC12 will be compatible with Axe Fx II mk I?

    I would recommend http://www.rjmmusic.com/products/mastermind-lt/ as far as small pedals to control Axe-Fx, I have heard bad things about FAMC from owners of it on this and other forums. Can't remember if it was was just general support issues or hardware related, but it steered me away from it...
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    Axe FX III as a Platform

    As a player who is also a developer accustom to consuming datasheets and writing code against various hardware, it would definitely be interesting. Not so much amps though, that I personally would not spend any time on as I feel pretty much everything I would want is already covered or...
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